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13 Benefits of using Amazon ConnectPath



Business success revolves around providing exceptional customer service all the time and every time. Provide employees with intuitive and complete tools to deliver consistent, proactive, personalized, and excellent customer service. ConnectPath, the fully managed customer service solution from CloudHesive, leverages the power of Amazon Connect and can help any business or industry to improve customer service and contact center experience.

Customers expect businesses to provide service at an extremely high level and personalized manner. The importance of providing customized service has increased in the past two years, with 66% of customers desiring a consistent, personalized experience where they are treated as individuals, not numbers. An effective tool like ConnectPath improves the customer service team by providing a world-class toolset of pre-built, configurable, and fully managed services.

Equip your team with ConnectPath and build a solid, quality brand image that attracts and retains customers to create business revenue. Providing quality customer experience is essential to building long-term business relationships and success.

This guide describes the advantages of using ConnectPath with AWS to build a robust and productive customer contact center that creates business revenue.

What is AWS ConnectPath?

ConnectPath provides a contact-center-as-a-solution (CCaaS) service powered by Amazon Connect and supported by the experts at CloudHesive. CloudHesive’s ConnectPath provides a pre-built deployment-ready solution for managing a contact or customer service center.

ConnectPath is a cloud-based, fully managed contact-center-as-a-solution product. ConnectPath is built on the foundation of Amazon Connect but at an even more affordable price. ConnectPath replaces the need for expensive on-premise server system management, custom code development, and testing. Instead, ConnectPath deploys immediately and expands the capabilities of Amazon Connect.

ConnectPath is an advanced customer service agent solution that provides voice, text, chat, and email communication with automatic routing based on skill and availability. ConnectPath adds more value with real-time metrics, full-featured reporting, agent collaboration, enhanced scheduling options, and queue management. The experts at CloudHesive can get your organization up and running on ConnectPath in 15 minutes with immediate deployment at a fraction of the cost of most CCaaS software.

Benefits of using ConnectPath

The benefits of ConnectPath are numerous and can be best examined when split into technical and team-related benefits. The ConnectPath solution-as-a-service from CloudHesive adds to the inherent value of Amazon Connect for call and customer service contact centers. There’s no need to mess with the system – it’s managed so you can focus on delivering a high-quality customer experience.

ConnectPath can help organizations quickly migrate from another solution or deploy a new one. ConnectPath compliments the Amazon Connect technology and saves organizations time and cost for custom development. ConnectPath’s features provide exceptional add-on features for increased usability, monitoring, and reporting, even if you’re already using Amazon Connect.

The technical benefits of ConnectPath include the following:

  • Low code or no code deployment gets the solution up and running faster
  • Built-in integrations with CRM solutions help leverage shared data
  • Expands on the capabilities of Amazon Connect for call and contact centers
  • Reduced cost of ownership that is scalable to match the business need
  • Fully managed service so agents and supervisors can focus on serving customers 
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Available everywhere regionally and globally

 Customer service team benefits of ConnectPath include:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased focus on serving customers efficiently and across multiple channels
  • Using a single tool with an intuitive dashboard increases productivity
  • Increase the accuracy and consistency of customer service using shared data
  • Real-time agent monitoring for performance objectives and practical on-the-job training
  • Queue tracking       

ConnectPath provides another set of benefits for agents and supervisors responsible for providing exceptional customer service. Agents can quickly and easily reach each other or management for assistance. ConnectPath equips the team to do just that by using shared data and a single integrated agent dashboard.

Additionally, agents can quickly and accurately respond to customers using a variety of communication channels. Using a single, unified tool helps onboard new agents while keeping them connected to team members, training, and job-related information in one place. Employees that can focus on their job duties are more productive and engaged. Enabling job success comes easily when using an intuitive, fully shared tool.

How does ConnectPath build a robust and productive contact center?

Companies that appreciate and equip their customer service teams with training and technology create a powerful, revenue-generating force. How? Engaged and productive customer call and contact center employees satisfy customers and build business revenue. ConnectPath provides the technology, job focus, and connections necessary to provide exceptional customer service consistently.

Happy agents create happy customers, and that’s good for any business. Happy employees that feel productive and effective at work are more than 13% more productive. Most companies believe customer call and contact centers are not business growth drivers. However, happy customers receiving quality customer service refer other customers to the business based on customer experience.

A recent study indicates that 55% of consumers share company reviews across social media and websites. Word-of-mouth advertising can help your brand or damage it based on customer experiences with agents and call centers. The customer service call or contact center that provides high-quality customer service generates business revenue from positive customer referrals.

Other ConnectPath features for agents and teams include omnichannel support and a knowledgebase of recorded calls for skill building or training. 

Are you ready for ConnectPath?

Is your business ready for ConnectPath to revolutionize customer service? A fully managed service, ConnectPath provides secure, flexible service center solutions embedded with the AWS infrastructure. 

By choosing ConnectPath, businesses don’t need to worry about installing, hosting, or managing the entire network system required for managing a customer call or contact center. CloudHesive offers ConnectPath built on the scalable and secure AWS platform. With ConnectPath, CloudHesive takes care of the system management, security, monitoring, and uptime while providing a single point of contact for 24/7 support. 

Do you need managed services or cloud solutions? Have questions on what you need or how to proceed? CloudHesive provides support and deep expertise in using Amazon-managed services and serverless architecture systems. As an Amazon Managed Services partner and Amazon Premier Partner, CloudHesive helps businesses take full advantage of all AWS features. See what other customers have to say in case studies available from CloudHesive. 

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