4 Ways to Be Innovative in a World of Video


Jun 3, 2020

Video is becoming a must for marketers across industries. But in a world where everything’s digital, how do you stand out? Learn how to be innovative with video and how AWS Media Services can be the game-changer you need

More and more brands are incorporating video into their marketing campaigns. According to a HubSpot report, 85% of businesses feature video in their marketing strategies with 88% reporting that video leads to positive ROI.

It’s easy to see why: Posts with visuals get 94% more page visits and engagement than those without. Videos are also more sharable and get more people talking about your brand. According to LYFE Marketing, 92% of mobile users who watch videos are more likely to share them with other people.

Learn four ways to be more innovative with your video content and delivery. With all the different video distribution platforms out there, including YouTube, it’s important to know how AWS Media Services helps brands stand out and can help you create and release your video content in a cost-effective and simple way.

1. Use live video broadcast and streaming

Live videos continue to grow in popularity. When you’re able to successfully incorporate this channel into your marketing strategy and broadcast directly from your own platforms, it allows you to take live streaming beyond what casual video brands are doing on YouTube or Facebook. With AWS Media Services, you can:

  • Connect with new audiences and leads
  • Have instant, more meaningful conversations with your customers
  • Provide better customer support
  • Answer questions in real-time
  • Track engagement analytics

2. Focus on storytelling

It’s clear that marketers are starting to reap the rewards of video across industries. But to create original content that stands out in a digital world, focus on engaging storytelling.

Make sure each video tells your brand’s story:

  • Why do you care about and what you do?
  • How did your business begin?
  • What are the most interesting stories you can tell in a genuine way?

More people are interacting with brands online and it’s more important than ever to be authentic. Providing a more narrative video experience on your own channels, instead of in-your-face advertisements, will dramatically improve your website user experience. These kinds of videos catch and hold the attention of your users, and actively improve their impressions of your brand.

In the end, delivering a more narrative video strategy through your own platforms helps create the kind emotional customer connections that drive brand loyalty.

3. Only distribute high-quality content

You may be desperate to release new videos and start attracting new leads, but remember that videos take time and lots of planning to do the right way — even if they’re brief.

Make sure your video content is just as well-written as the copy you post on your blog or website. Include visuals in your videos to hold the attention of viewers. Always ensure that the video quality is high by using the right sharing platform.

4. Use the right service – AWS Media Services

The Live Streaming solution on AWS allows you to create and share live video content via the AWS Cloud, so anyone across the globe can access it. This solution combines AWS Elemental MediaLive and AWS Elemental MediaPackage and allows you to scale and customize based on your needs.

AWS Elemental MediaLive processes your live videos, MediaStore acts as a storage container, and Amazon CloudFront delivers the content. This architecture helps you deliver high-quality videos in real-time to your audience. And, the pay-as-you-go structure means you can more cost-effectively create and stream your video content.

OTT video streams have had to catch up to other broadcast services, and have been known for lagging or poor quality because of latency issues. This problem is solved with AWS Media Services, since your live OTT video streaming will be optimized for low end-to-end latency. This includes multi-format live video streaming as well, allowing you to deliver content from a single workflow to multiple OTT devices.

AWS Media services streamline your video creation and delivery processes, so you can focus more on your content and connecting with customers. The service is scalable, and you can integrate it with your other AWS services or external applications.

AWS helps you create and distribute content across digital channels to reach more people, save on costs, and get innovative with your brand communications. CloudHesive can help you get the most out of AWS for your marketing, e-commerce, apps, virtual office, and many other business applications. Get in touch at 800-860-2040 or through our Contact form today to learn more about our services.

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