5 Tips for Connecting with Your Audience via Live Streaming


How the cloud, AWS, and Media Box help you create more meaningful live video connections with your customers

It’s more important than ever to integrate live video streaming into your marketing to better connect with customers. This format provides a unique opportunity for engagement and connection via video because your audience can interact with you, and with each other, in real-time. And since the COVID-19 social distancing rules forced many Americans to stay home, live streaming video has become an important way people interact in the digital space — and a way they will expect to interact with brands in the post-pandemic future.

According to a report from Wyzowl, 85% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool, and 95% of video marketers report that the format has increased their users’ understanding of their products or services. The majority of marketers (80%) say video has helped them increase sales.

Live streaming is an important component to think about in today’s climate, where more users are engaging with live videos on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. As you’re creating your strategy, here are five tips to better connect with your audience using live streaming, and why the Centricity Media Box Module from CloudHesive, powered by AWS Media Services, is the solution you need to succeed in this format.

1. Include both live and on-demand viewing options

While live streaming allows you to present in real-time to your followers, make sure you also offer on-demand viewing after the fact. Store your videos where they’ll be accessible to customers in case they missed the live stream or want to reference your video again.

A tool like Media Box — which provides better over the top (OTT) programming and streaming on top of AWS than over providers — stores your live stream recordings in a video library where they can be searched through and replayed after the fact, which enables several ways to distribute your videos on demand.

What distinguishes Media Box from other platforms, like YouTube, is that you have more customization options when you’re creating live streams and preparing them for on-demand viewing. You can manage your events while they’re live and post them to whatever content management system you use. You also don’t have to worry about rights to content ownership, the rights stay 100% with you.

Accessibility is one of the most important aspects of content distribution. Providing more customized on-demand playback will help you better connect with your audience.

2. Track and analyze data

Another way to make sure your live streaming efforts are successful is to store and analyze your videos. Media Box adapts to your specific needs and infrastructure, providing real-time dashboards, enhanced reporting, and detailed analytics. With enhanced reporting tools, you can more easily access your data and use it to continue to improve your approach and better understand your audience.

When you’re able to track and analyze viewing and other data, you have better monetization options and can make better buys if you’re a buyer instead of a producer. This is another way Media Box sets itself apart from other options.

Gain insight into the behavior of your viewers with Media Box to get a better idea of what kind of content interests and engages them.

3. Incorporate social, sharing, and editing functions

Your viewers may have questions or want to connect with each other while you’re live streaming. Make sure you use a platform that allows chatting or commenting, which will help you understand where your customers and followers are coming from. You’ll be able to answer their questions in real-time, which helps build customer loyalty and a stronger online following (not to mention, they’ll be more engaged in your videos and presentations).

You also want to be able to clip video content and share it easily, and for your audience to be able to share it if applicable. Using Media Box services integrated with AWS Media Services allows you to do just that, so you can create highlight clips and other content delivery options to maximize revenues.

4. Control who has access

Security is a priority when you’re streaming live video. You need a tool that gives you control over who has access to your feeds and a data protection plan.

Media Box integrates Edge Services from AWS, including CloudFront and Media Services, which provides a host of solutions to ensure that devices, connections, and data are secure. AWS Elemental MediaLive in particular helps you secure live streaming videos and ensure they’re transported reliably.

Access control features also make this service stand out from other platforms. Support for adaptable web application firewall (WAF) protects against unwanted traffic on applications, and digital rights management (DRM) content protection options allow you to customize your security plan beyond the basics.

5. Move to the cloud

Finally, it’s important to make smarter investments in live stream platforms. One way to do this is to invest completely cloud-based tools, like CloudCDN+ for live broadcasters. These tools make it simpler to deliver your live content to any type of device, and that will make it easier to connect with the right people.

Data from Cloud Technology Partners shows that, across industries, companies see an average of 40 percent savings in total cost of ownership when using the cloud. These savings come from reduced upfront investment, fewer hardware requirements, and streamlined processes, among other advantages.

Amazon CloudFront powers the content delivery network and gives you the flexibility to pay as you go without long-term commitments. Save money by using a more adaptable tool and only pay for what you’re actually using. Using one single application for all services, as delivered by Media Box and AWS, means you don’t have to worry about a big learning curve or challenging integration into current practices. Everything can be managed and coordinated in one place.

Live streaming is an effective way to engage and interact with your customers. They can interact with you in real-time, and the format allows you to recreate the in-person training or presentation environment. Make sure you’re using a tool that will make it easier to connect with the right audiences and keep them engaged and satisfied.

CloudHesive’s Centricity Media Box stands out from other live streaming services by integrating AWS Media Services that improve the quality of your streams and offer the flexibility you need to adapt to your audience. You’ll be able to gather and analyze device and video data, helping you understand what drives their behavior, purchasing, and loyalty.

CloudHesive helps you integrate your Microsoft platform with AWS so you can improve live streaming efforts and better interact with audiences. Contact the CloudHesive team to learn more about how we can help you migrate these workflows and more to the cloud.

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