The Hospitality Industry, dating back to 15,000 BCE, has already seen significant improvements in delivery of a quality customer experience through it’s first technological revolution, and is now experiencing a second technological revolution aided by cloud services.

Driven by a larger-than-ever consumer market, the need to differentiate your brand and tightening margins, puts you in an opportune position. We understand the intricacies of the travel and hospitality industry and have the track record of helping major brands on their journey to cloud adoption and enablement for success. Getting your workloads and applications migrated to the cloud may help you be more agile, adopt to the changing demands of consumers and scale for both predicted and unpredicted events, but with the available new technologies, your approach to customer engagement can further optimize.

  • Web-Scale

    Web-Scale your Customer Facing Workloads and Applications, providing more performant and reliable customer experiences.

  • Migrate, Manage, Optimize

    Eliminate CapEx investments required to support legacy workloads and applications.

  • Measure Customer Sentiment

    Automatically flag and respond to customer feedback, real time or retroactively.

  • Provide a Mechanism for Self Service

    Leveraging Lex and other AI services, you can provide a multichannel interface for customers to interact with.

  • Iterate and Deploy Faster

    React to changing customer needs and provide capabilities iteratively, through adopting an automated SDLC pipeline.

  • Peace of Mind

    Receive peace of mind that you won’t have to deal with IT emergencies – or even regular maintenance. We provide 24/7 support.