Amazon Chat on Amazon Connect

Omni Channel capabilities on their Amazon Connect platform with Amazon Chat capabilities. Help drive a positive Customer Experience by leveraging the touch points your customers want to engage through.

Amazon Chat capabilities on Amazon Connect

CloudHesive is an Amazon Connect Chat launch partner. We were one of the first Amazon Web Services Premier Partners invited by Amazon Web Services to learn how to develop chat capabilities and deploy chat solutions for our customer base.

Amazon Connect’s chat capabilities provide businesses a single unified contact center service for integrated voice and chat to increase your customer experience. Amazon Connect’s routing engine provides single routing platform which increases efficiency of the distribution across agents. This in turn decreases wait times for customers. The Amazon Chat capabilities allows you to config Amazon Connect to offer chat services or voice services for the same queue. This provides the customer with touch points that they wish to communicate with you on.

Integrated Amazon Chat Metrics

Amazon Chat capabilities easily integrate into your existing Amazon Connect contact center flows. You can reuse these flows across multiple touch point channels. This allows for the critical metrics for Amazon Chat are able to be collected in conjunction with your other touch point metrics and can be displayed with your unified metrics in your dashboards.

Amazon APIs for Bi-directional communication

Amazon Web Services chat functionality really provides an API for bidirectional conversation – this means we can queue asynchronous touch points such as a voicemail that was left and synchronous touch points such as a chat, What’s App, Facebook, or SMS type touch point channels. This allows us to develop solutions that leverage multiple types of touch points to increase the customer experience.

A great example of this integration it is using Amazon Pinpoint to engage in deeper conversations with your customers on other touch points such as SMS rather than a non-interactive one directional response. Amazon’s eco-system provides the tools to build your next generation customer experience platform.

Benefits of Amazon Chat

  • Amazon Chat Unified Metrics

  • Amazon Connect Omni-Channel capabilities

  • Leverage the Amazon Connect Eco-system for AI powered Chat bots

  • Unified Metrics for Reporting and Amazon Connect Dashboards

  • Security is built into the Chat capabilities for secure chat

  • Chats are persistent (leave and come back to it)