Centricity powered by AWS

Manage your contact center and remote users all from one platform

The power of Centricity

Centricity is a platform that is built on top of AWS services. It is focused on three core services offered by AWS which include Amazon Workspaces and Amazon AppStream, Amazon Elemental / Media Services, and Amazon Connect. Centricity makes it easy for users to gain the power of Amazon Web Services without having to know the technical underpinnings of complex cloud services. We have made service easy for business level users to leverage for driving value into business without having to hire a team of engineers to develop and maintain complex solutions. Our Centricity environment uses the building block services that Amazon Web Services provides to give the power of the next generation technology to our end users.

Media Box

Media Box provides complete Over the Top (OTT) programming and streaming services for broadcaster. The Centricity Media Box platform provides functionality that no other provider offers on top of Amazon Elemental

Standard functionality in Media Box
  • Realtime dashboards
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Detailed analytics driven from the player
  • Custom content delivery
  • Real time event management
  • Video library recording and search capabilities
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Secure Amazon Workspaces

Centricity’s Secure Amazon Workspaces platform allows customers to instantly manage and oversee thousands of Amazon Workspaces and App Stream sessions across multiple AWS accounts from a single interface. Centricity Secure Amazon Workspaces gives you the automation to manage your Workspaces environment from a single user interface. We make it easy for you to scale your business!

  • Manage thousands of Amazon Workspaces as a fleet
  • Manage across multiple AWS accounts
  • Security for the strictest compliance control sets
  • Drill down into individual workspace performance
  • Scheduler for miscellaneous maintenance to save on costs
  • Single user interface to manage large deployments
  • Powered by Amazon Workspaces and LiquidWare Stratosphere
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Orchestrator helps automate the manual tasks that are critical to a business but are often overlooked. The scheduling and workflow engine in Orchestrator help to automate the monotonous tasks. Our platform delivers automated tasks that are customizable to work in your environment and drive high value automation.

Orchestrator - Amazon IaaS
  • Life cycle policy management
  • Snapshot scheduling
  • Regional snapshot copy scheduling (DR)
  • Start up and Shut down scheduling
  • Lambda execution scheduling
  • SSM document execution scheduling
  • Best practice remediation schedules
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