Cloud Services for Technology

Our goal is to help you achieve the optimum agility, flexibility and scalability required in the technology sector.

High-tech companies, including SaaS companies, are turning to CloudHesive for end-to-end cloud solutions that increase productivity and profit, while maintaining necessary compliance regulations, such as SOC2 and SSAE 16. Not every Managed Services Provider out there has the expertise, background and capability to serve high-tech organizations effectively. However, CloudHesive adheres to a philosophy of continuous improvement and utilizes the ITIL Framework for better service management. The level at which your company operates and the high expectations that you have of your vendors, makes CloudHesive the ideal partner for your cloud solutions.

CloudHesive Helps Your Team Drive Innovation

  • Increased Quality

    Improve efficiency to provide your customers with the flexibility of a robust platform with unlimited storage and sharing capabilities.

  • Improved Innovation

    Deploy system upgrades and security updates through a cloud provider, so you can focus on your core competencies.

  • Reduced Outages

    Protect mission-critical workloads from outages with a cloud-based disaster recovery plan.

  • Increased Traceability

    Increase visibility by utilizing log and analysis tools to increase auditability and maintain regulatory compliance.


“Any small to mid-sized company would be very smart to look at CloudHesive before making the decision to handle encryption in-house. We think very highly of them and we love the fact that we rarely need to contact them for help or questions. They manage everything fully and effectively so everything on our end just works seamlessly.”

David Dunaway
CEO & President, SchoolPay