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CloudHesive's Edge Services Consulting Practice

CloudHesive has experience in consulting, designing, implementing and managing streaming, dynamic and static web properties, deploying Amazon CloudFront, AWS Web Application Firewall, Amazon Route 53 and AWS Lambda@Edge. These solutions, in conjunction with our experience in Public Cloud Computing, Edge Services, and Specific Industry Knowledge aims to build on the launch or success of your web property, whether it's streaming media, web properties, powered by commercial CMS or e-Commerce platforms, or custom web platforms, regardless of infrastructure of choice (computer, container or serverless). Our approaches and implementations take into account considerations around economics/cost to operate/cost per transaction, resiliency/reliability/scale as well as security assurance. Amazon CloudFront is Amazon's content delivery network (CDN) service that static and dynamic content to end-users globally utilizing low latency, high transfer speed edge locations. CloudFront offers advanced security capabilities, including field level encryption and HTTPS support and integrates with AWS Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall and Amazon Route 53 to protect against multiple types of attacks including network and application layer DDoS attacks. These Edge Nodes, globally scaled and connected via the AWS network backbone, provide a secure, performant, and highly available experience for your users. CloudFront works seamlessly with any AWS origin, such as Amazon S3, Elastic/Application Load Balancing, or with any custom HTTP origin.

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The CloudHesive Media Box solution, powered by AWS Media Services has allowed us to integrate our platform (TyC Sports Play) with a robust solution and guaranteed 24/7 support. We chose CloudHesive because the support they provided to our organization, which installed trust, and whom we looked to to deliver our platform in a reliable and responsive way.

Martin Rubino
TyC Sports