CloudHesive Achieves Amazon Connect Service Ready Specialization



We are happy to announce that we achieved the AWS Service Ready designation for Amazon Connect.

This designation verifies that our Amazon Connect software solution follows architectural and operational best practices and is being actively used by customers in production environments, and customers are enthusiastically advocating for the solution.
The customer experience (CX) and contact center space are constantly evolving. To keep pace with these expectations, more businesses are investing in modern technology to optimize and automate processes and provide increasingly personalized experiences while staying ahead of customer expectations.
This often requires customers to take an enhanced approach to their contact center technology stack to meet ever-changing demands. With Amazon Connect at the core of these current and future contact center technology investments, Amazon Connect Service Ready Partners specialize in providing vetted solutions in the areas of analytics and reporting, omnichannel customer experience, customer relationship management, outbound communications, and workforce engagement. Current and future Amazon Connect customers may look to CloudHesive, and more specifically ConnectPath, with high degree of confidence in the interoperability of their solutions. The Amazon Connect Service Ready Partner designation is the way to differentiate AWS Partners that have invested and engineered their solutions while demonstrating the ability to deploy and operationalize these solutions repeatedly, at scale.
Finally, and most importantly, they have a list of customers that have successfully deployed the solution on AWS.
ConnectPath CX, the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform powered by Amazon Connect, is quickly becoming known as a notable CCaaS solution. ConnectPath CX comes with a variety of pre-built service capabilities, including messaging (SMS, MMS, WhatsApp), voice, email, and other omni-channel customer touchpoints. The platform is designed to assist businesses of all sizes in improving customer interactions and driving overall customer satisfaction by harnessing the capabilities of Amazon Connect and other AWS services.
The ConnectPath CX platform boosts time-to-value, efficiency, and overall customer experience by offering seamless omnichannel support, automation, personalized interactions, and real-time information. The agent and supervisor interface in ConnectPath is simple to use and can be installed globally in minutes.

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