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  • On a blue background are the letters AI in white. Superimposed over this is a robotic face wrapped with a connectivity symbol. A word bubble says can I help you." alt="">
    How AI Chatbots are Changing the Call Center Game

    With Amazon Lex Chatbots and Contact Lens, you can create tomorrow’s customer experience today. Key Takeaways: AI chatbots are revolutionizing not just call centers, but the way customer service is...

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  • Six office workers sit at computers on opposite sides of a table in a brightly lit office." alt="">
    4 Challenges of Managing WorkSpaces at Scale and How to Solve Them

    A skills gap in IT staff and rising employee costs make managed services the right choice Key Takeaways: Research says it takes a minimum of 10 dedicated full-time IT staff members to manage DaaS...

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  • The customer call center in an AI world." alt="">
    How Artificial Intelligence Is Reinventing the Call Center

    Today’s most important AI call center trends – is your call center ready for them?  Key Takeaways:  Learn how to improve customer service operations using automation while still providing...

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  • Three agents working at a call center desk." alt="">
    Improve Your Call Center With Amazon Connect and Personalization

    How to leverage AWS’s AI expertise to take your call center to the next level Key Takeaways Amazon Connect Contact Center can be paired with Amazon Lex, which uses Amazon’s connect AI so...

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  • A flat map of much of the world shows continent borders defined by standing people, with interconnected lines between continents." alt="">
    5 Tips for Managing Amazon WorkSpaces at Scale

    Scaling WorkSpaces is an opportunity to review UX, security, and access policies Key Takeaways: While scaling up Amazon WorkSpaces isn’t overly complicated, there are things that require...

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  • Leverage Contact Lens AI for optimizing call center management" alt="">
    How Businesses Are Using Contact Lens AI to Take AWS Connect to the Next Level

    AWS Contact Lens use cases for optimizing call center management  Key Takeaways:  What does call center optimization mean? Learn the current business trends impacting call centers Discover why...

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  • A 3D rendering of a computer cloud ejects multi-colored squares against a black background." alt="">
    Connect Third-Party Data With Amazon Connect via CloudFormation

    Templates for Amazon Connect simplify time-consuming, error-prone deployment tasks Key Takeaways: With CloudFormation, third-party data can be integrated from SaaS apps, including CRMs Integrate...

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  • In a brightly-lit windowed room, workers sit at tables in front of computers." alt="">
    Amazon WorkSpaces Web Is Rolling Out Everywhere – Is It Right for Your Workforce?

    WorkSpaces Web has been in limited release for some time, but now it’s becoming available for everyone. Here’s what it allows and who might benefit the most from it. Key Takeaways Not...

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  • Leverage Contact Lens AI for call summarization that improves customer service performance." alt="">
    Automate Amazon Connect Contact Lens Call Summaries With AI

    Your guide to Contact Lens call summary automation: Advantages, how it works, and when to use it.     Amazon added AI (artificial intelligence) capability to the existing Amazon Connect...

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  • A female customer service agent wearing a headset and a green sweater sits at a desk looking at a computer screen." alt="">
    How Amazon Connect Empowers and Assists Your Contact Agents

    Easy to use. Information at their fingertips. Help when they need it. An agent’s dream.     Providing an excellent customer experience today isn’t a choice. It’s a necessity as...

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  • Worker at a computer loaded with a WorkSpace that provides the tools and hardware their role requires." alt="">
    How to Create a Custom Amazon WorkSpaces Image and Bundle

    Easily apply configurations with custom bundles created from your existing WorkSpaces for consistent rollout across operating systems   Once you’ve launched set up and launched your Amazon...

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  • This image shows a man at a laptop computer sitting on a desk. He is looking at the screen while wearing an audio headset." alt="">
    How to Quickly Navigate Transcripts and Audio in Amazon Connect

    Tools residing within Contact Lens for Amazon Connect empower quick analysis and action   Contact center supervisors use Contact Lens for Amazon Connect to rapidly track agent compliance, follow...

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