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  • AWS Data Migration Services" alt="">
    Best Practices for Using AWS Data Migration Services for Your Cloud Migration

    Following these best practices can ensure a smooth data migration to the cloud Key Takeaways: Data migration is the most important element in a cloud-based digital transformation A well-planned data...

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  • This image is a drawing of a man in a business suit with a large magnifying glass. He’s standing in front of a backdrop of a cityscape, and in front of him are a number of clouds; one of them is red, the others are white. This represents making a choice of cloud service providers." alt="">
    AWS and Beyond: The Cloud Service Providers Your Company Should Consider

    Cloud migration is a must for business today, here’s how to be sure you choose the right cloud services provider. Key Takeaways: It’s important for businesses to choose the right cloud service...

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  • AWS ad on a subway station wall." alt="">
    3 Ways Businesses on AWS Can Extract Huge Benefits From the Overarching Amazon Ecosystem

    Being on AWS means you not only have the most widely adopted cloud service but also access to several tools that can be immensely valuable for your business Key Takeaways: AWS cloud service is part...

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  • This is an abstract image, with a background of network connections in blue and pink, all coming from a drawing of a cloud. This represents cloud computing." alt="">
    AWS Support Only Goes So Far — Here’s Why You Might Need A Managed Services Provider

    AWS offers a number of support plans, but they require robust internal resources. Key Takeaways: AWS offers 4 support plans that include basic, developer, enterprise on-ramp, and enterprise Each...

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  • aws-cloud-services" alt="">
    How to Find AWS Professional Services to Help Perfect Your Cloud Strategy

    Getting expert services to construct and execute your cloud-based business transformation is the right way to go Key Takeaways: Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers the most broadly adopted cloud service...

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  • A depiction of cloud services optimizing online business processes." alt="">
    Which Cloud Service Is Best for Your Business?

    An overview of the cloud services your business could choose and what they have to offer Key Takeaways: Amazon Web Services offers a diverse range of cloud products that are widely used and have the...

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  • cloud technology symbolical representation" alt="">
    A Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare Amazon WorkSpaces for Linux Images

    This guide also lists best practices for image preparation of WorkSpaces for Linux Key Takeaways: Before proceeding to the actual customization process, make sure you have all the prerequisites in...

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  • This photo shows a plastic box with a slot in it. A man’s hand is inserting a smart card into the slot." alt="">
    Use a Smart Card to Access Amazon WorkSpaces With WSP

    Reduce the human risk in your WorkSpaces security policy by enabling smartcard login for Windows and Linux with WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol Key Takeaways: Amazon Workspaces users with Windows or...

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  • Depiction of sensitive customer data." alt="">
    How Does Contact Lens Sensitive Data Redaction Work in Amazon Connect

    Amazon Connect Contact Lens automatically redacts sensitive customer data — and protects customer privacy Key Takeaways: You can enable Contact Lens by adding a Set recording and analytics behavior...

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  • Set in a customer service call center, this image shows a female supervisor coaching a male customer service representative by talking while pointing at the computer screen. The customer service representative is typing as she speaks." alt="">
    Alert Supervisors in Real-Time With Amazon Connect Contact Lens

    Set up rules in Amazon Contact Lens that listen for commonly used words and phrases, notify a supervisor when they come up, and help solve the issues fast. Key Takeaways: By setting rules in Contact...

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  • A depiction of a remote workforce connected via Amazon WorkSpaces." alt="">
    How Amazon WorkSpaces Clients Can Set up Notifications to Detect Anomalies at Scale Across a Remote Workforce

    Amazon WorkSpaces allows customers to configure alerts in case any connectivity issues arise, which helps quickly recognize and remedy the problem. Key Takeaways: Amazon WorkSpaces is a desktop...

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  • This image shows a hand on a knob that says “service level.” Next to the knob is an old-fashioned analog gauge to measure satisfaction, with settings of low, med, high, and max. The needle on the gauge is at max." alt="">
    Amazon Connect Metric Capabilities for Measuring Queue Service Levels – What You Need to Know

    Amazon Connect analytics users can define queue service levels to measure customer contacts answered by an agent between 1 second and 7 days for both real-time and historical metrics Key Takeaways:...

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