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  • A contact center agent handling a call" alt="">
    Amazon Connect Introduces Audio Device Settings for Custom Contact Control Panel

    Amazon Connect now offers more freedom to agents in the selection of their preferred audio device setting in the Contact Control Panel — here’s how to go enable it Key Takeaways: The new audio...

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  • This image shows a magnifying glass made up of people on a white background. This is meant to illustrate a close analysis of customers in order to serve them better." alt="">
    How to Use Amazon Contact Lens to Analyze Conversations

    Get real-time insight into customer sentiment and trends with Contact Lens for Amazon Connect Key Takeaways: Contact Lens for Amazon Connect gives contact center managers a better understanding of...

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  • Bringing customers around the world together with an integrated contact center." alt="">
    Amazon Connect: How to Configure Contact Center Agent Settings in a Custom Contact Control Panel

    The Amazon Connect Streams API can now be used to change the visibility option on the settings page of the Contact Control Panel — bringing multiple benefits to contact center managers Key...

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  • On a dark background, red lines flow toward the horizon, populated with white dots along the way. This photo illustrates routing customer calls to different agents based on why they are calling." alt="">
    Deliver an Automated AI Experience With Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud

    Automatically route calls based on intents you set to enhance the customer experience Key Takeaways: The Amazon Connect Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) Adapter for Salesforce, combined with Lex...

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  • A woman wearing a phone headset sits at a computer looking at the screen while apparently talking to a customer. On the screen is a larger background window with information, and a small pop-out window." alt="">
    Extend the Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel With CTI Actions

    The Amazon Connect Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Adapter for Salesforce lets users leverage CTI Actions to extend their Contact Control Panel (CCP).  Key takeaways: The Amazon Connect CTI...

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  • A penguin on a white computer vector graphic represents an Amazon Linux WorkSpace." alt="">
    How to Manage Amazon Linux WorkSpaces at Scale

    Discover how integrating Amazon WorkSpaces with AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate can simplify the management of Amazon Linux WorkSpaces at scale Key Takeaways: Amazon Web Services, like Amazon...

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  • This abstract photo has a blue background with a burst of orange in the upper right corner. Various charts and grafts are superimposed. This image is meant to symbolize available data that could be pulled into a report." alt="">
    Use Amazon Connect Real-Time and Historical Metrics to Optimize Service Quality Levels

    Customize reports to get the data you need to ensure contact center efficiency Key Takeaways: Contact Trace Records supply historical and real-time data Real-time reports include information on which...

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  • A man holds a mobile phone in his hand. On the screen, a chat is taking place between him and a chatbot." alt="">
    Enhance the Customer Experience With Interactive Messaging for Amazon Connect Chat

    Provide a Personalized Encounter Without Human Intervention, powered by Amazon Lex AWS Chatbot AI Key Takeaways: Traditional chatbots provide a frustrating customer experience with open-ended...

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  • amazon connect customer profiles identity resolution api" alt="">
    Introducing Identity Resolution for Amazon Connect Customer Profiles

    Automatically detect and remove duplicate customer profiles using Amazon’s Identity Resolution API Key Takeaways: Amazon Connect has a new capability in preview that can merge duplicate Customer...

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  • Woman with headset is sitting at her computer and talking with client, the Call Sentiment Scores being analyzed." alt="">
    Investigate Sentiment Scores with Contact Lens for Amazon Connect

    Understanding call center sentiment scores and how to use them in your business Key Takeaways Sentiment scores provide deep insight into the customer experience during call center interactions...

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  • How to Use Amazon WAM to Centralize App Control" alt="">
    Use Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager to Centralize App Control

    Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager (WAM) makes it easier to deploy and manage Windows desktop apps by providing users with virtualized instances that run right inside Amazon WorkSpaces. Key...

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    How Contact Centers Can Verify a Caller’s Identity With Machine Learning and Amazon Connect Voice ID

    Provide a seamless customer service experience, gain efficiency, and reduce losses from fraud with Amazon Connect Voice ID Key Takeaways: Call centers are the latest targets for fraud, increasing...

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