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    Benefits of Using a Serverless Architecture

    The benefits of a serverless architecture Serverless architecture is a type of cloud computing that enables development teams to get applications to market faster. Serverless means the server...

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    Five Reasons Why You Should Replace Data Centers with a Cloud

    Is abandoning your traditional data centers for the cloud worth it? The truth is that switching to cloud services has many advantages, including increased scalability, flexibility, and efficiency....

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    How To Migrate an Existing Application to a Serverless Architecture

    Migrating existing applications to a serverless architecture Considering moving to a serverless technology to run and host business processes? Two ways to get started are creating a new business...

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    AWS WorkSpaces Scalability Perks

    WorkSpaces scalability perks & benefits AWS WorkSpaces offers scalability on a sliding scale in either direction depending on your business needs. When your business requires more bandwidth, data...

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    Why You Should Be Using Content Localization on AWS

    The success of your global expansion plans depends on content localization Key takeaways: Creating multilanguage subtitles was once a time-consuming, resource-intensive process With Content...

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    AWS WorkSpaces Migration Best Practices

    Amazon WorkSpaces migration best practice essentials Key Takeaways: Understand the best practices for planning a WorkSpaces migration Determine where to start and system requirements for migration...

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    AWS WorkSpaces Deployment Adds Automation Processes

    Key Takeaways: Remote work is here to stay, but even for in-office employees, Amazon Web Services (AWS) WorkSpaces saves time and money. Deploying WorkSpaces individually is time-consuming. And...

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    Problems Solved by Machine Learning in the Modern Business World

    Customer service problems solved by machine learning Key takeaways: What are real-time alerts? What do sentiment score and customer segmentation mean? Find out how AI software uses and understands...

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    Improve Customer Service Using AWS Connect Virtual Agents

    Providing a stellar customer experience is more important than ever, and these bots deliver It’s difficult to separate great customer service from business success. In our modern digital world that...

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    Optimizing Amazon WorkSpaces Security

    Essential elements for Amazon WorkSpaces security Network security is an ever evolving and complex system made up of encryption, authentication, gateways, endpoints, data at rest, and data in...

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    What Do Your Customers Really Think? Find Out With Call Sentiment Analysis in AWS PCA

    Add customer sentiment and conversation characteristics to your AWS Contact Lens analytics The benefits offered through Contact Lens for Amazon Connect can’t be disputed. Real-time and post-call...

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    IT Service Management in Amazon Connect

    Amazon Connect offers versatility with IT service management options The business network is the lifeblood of a business. Without the complex and interwoven network of systems, data, and...

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