How Higher Education Call Centers Match Student Needs Today


Key Takeaways: Today’s students have high expectations for customer service They want personalization, no wait time, and prompt resolution Higher education call centers are adopting advanced technology that helps recruit and retain Institutions of higher learning also reap benefits with integrated data with insight into diverse students.

Today’s college and university students have been raised with evolving technology and have high expectations that include personalized and efficient services from their educational institutions. They require speedy access to information, flexible learning options, and proactive support throughout their academic journey.

To meet these changing needs, educational institutions have adopted the concept of call centers, serving as a centralized hub for student queries and concerns. These “customer service” centers provide immediate, convenient, and easily accessible channels for students, no matter where they are. 

By tapping into the power of a modern call center, educational institutions become more efficient, reduce miscommunications, and ensure that every student gets the information they need. By offering proactive support and guidance, retention is boosted as higher education call center agents help students navigate challenges and foster a sense of belonging that contributes to their satisfaction and success.

Recruitment also gets a boost, as call centers offer valuable insights into student needs and preferences. Recording and analyzing interactions enable the identification of patterns, trends, and areas that require improvement, making data-driven decisions that effectively meet student expectations. 

Meet the expectations of the changing student demographic

As institutions of higher learning evolve to adapt to the evolving world, it’s critical to recognize the demographic shifts as well as the changing expectations of current prospective students. One important shift is the need for more personalized and responsive communication strategies.

Students today are coming from a range of backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, and this diversity brings a need for tailored communications. Understanding and embracing these differences creates a more inclusive and welcoming environment.

Today’s students also have different communication expectations. They are accustomed to instant information access and timely and relevant communication with personalized messages that speak to their interests and needs. It’s the same level of customer service they get from their favorite retailers.

Meet the emerging student needs with technological advancements

Educational institutions worldwide are embracing advanced technologies to meet evolving student demands. One significant step is the integration of higher education call centers with these technologies to provide enhanced services, improving the overall experience.

In the education sector, a popular choice is Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact center with robust features designed to streamline call center operations. With Amazon Connect, educational institutions can automate call routing, leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for call analysis, and integrate with communication channels such as voice, chat, and email. Call center agents reduce wait times and improve responsiveness.

In addition to Amazon Connect, educational institutions are also adopting ConnectPath EdTech from CloudHesive, a comprehensive platform for student engagement and support. This next-generation contact center acts as a service platform that enables seamless communication between students and all departments. ConnectPath consolidates and centralizes information, eliminating the need for the user to navigate multiple channels or repeat inquiries. 

The integration of Amazon Connect Services and ConnectPath EdTech provides advanced call routing and analysis capabilities and acts as a centralized hub for student engagement.

These technologies also enable educational institutions to gather valuable data on student interactions, preferences, and concerns. By analyzing this data, institutions gain actionable insights that drive improvement in call center operations, student services, and the overall educational experience.

Amazon Connect and ConnectPath EdTech in action

Connect and ConnectPath offer specific features that particularly benefit higher education call centers. 

  • Scalability. Because Amazon Connect is a cloud-based solution, it can easily scale up or down based on call volume. In higher education, call volumes often surge during peak periods such as enrollment, registration, or the release of examination results. Scalability allows call centers to effectively manage sudden spikes in call traffic without investing in additional infrastructure.
  • Flexibility. Both Amazon Connect and connectPath provide flexibility to customize call flows and automated responses based on their specific needs. This allows call centers to provide personalized experiences to callers and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Integration with CRM systems. Amazon Connect integrates seamlessly with various CRM systems used in higher education institutions. This enables agents to access caller information instantly, leading to personalized interactions with students, faculty, or staff.
  • Omnichannel support. Amazon Connect offers omnichannel support, allowing higher education call centers to handle calls, emails, chats, and social media interactions from a single platform.
  • Real-time and historical analytics. Real-time and historical analytics allow call centers to monitor and analyze key metrics, such as call volume, wait times, and agent performance. This data helps identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance operations.
  • AI-powered feature. ConnectPath utilizes AI to enhance call center capabilities. This includes features like sentiment analysis to assess student satisfaction during interactions, natural language processing for intelligent call routing, and voice recognition for authentication procedures.
  • Compliance and security. Connect adheres to industry-leading security and compliance standards, making it ideal for higher education call centers that handle sensitive student information. 

Cloudhesive helps simplify Amazon Connect for your customer support. 

Overcome implementation challenges

Upgrading your call center can be challenging and requires careful planning and expert assistance. Some issues often encountered include outdated legacy systems, staff training and adoption, and integration with existing systems. Outdated legacy systems can create hurdles to upgrading. Conduct a thorough assessment and upgrade critical components if possible. 

Seamless integration with existing systems is a crucial part of any upgrade to call center operations, involving collaboration with both your IT department and technology vendors to align the new system with your CRM and other databases. This ensures a smooth data flow and access to essential information. 

When it comes to staff training and adoption, Amazon has a plethora of free training resources.

Budget constraints are a way of life in educational institutions. However, both Connect and ConnectPath have budget-friendly pay-as-you-go pricing with no monthly fees.

The call center of the future – today

Hyper-personalization and the increasing use of AI will mark the future of call centers in higher education, allowing institutions to continue to meet the needs of students.

By embracing modern call center technology – Amazon Connect and ConnectPath – higher education institutions unlock enhanced benefits for students and their schools, boosting recruitment and retention. Schools learn more about their students, and students appreciate the personalized experience.

You don’t have to do it alone – reach out to CloudHesive and we’ll help you create an implementation strategy that boosts call center performance with minimal downtime so you can start giving students what they want and get the granular information you need for mutual success.

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