4 Benefits Amazon Workspaces Offers for Remote Workers


Dec 16, 2020

4 features that make Amazon Workspaces the perfect deployment for your remote employees

Key Takeaways:

Amazon Workspaces offers several benefits that make it perfect for companies provisioning new work-from-home employees:

  • Safety: Your data stays encrypted and is stored on the AWS Cloud, meaning your risk profile is much slimmer.
  • Get specific: Remote workers can be slotted by region of compute or even customer classification.
  • Less downtime: When you have a worker who suddenly goes remote, they can be back to work with no downtime and keep up with the flow of work.
  • Any device: If a remote employee’s laptop goes down, gone are the days of long delays to get it fixed. They simply login to any other device, tablet, or smartphone.

Many of your workers are probably performing all their duties remotely. With COVID-19 still top-of-mind for all, it is unclear when, or even if, remote workers will be coming back to the office. This means they need all the tools to perform their job efficiently and effectively – from wherever they may be. The work world will look different for the foreseeable future, but Amazon Workspaces has what your employees need to perform just as if they were in the office. 

Amazon Workspaces is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform that gives your remote working employees access to the desktop they would have at the office but served online through the cloud. It gives each person on your team exactly what they need to perform their tasks remotely and securely. 

Here are four features that make Amazon Workspaces the right choice for remote workers.

1. Amazon Workspaces works on any device

Amazon Workspaces has advantages over the traditional way of doing business. In the past, you would purchase laptops for each employee, configure each one, deploy the needed software, and spend weeks getting your team up and running. Now, with Amazon Workspaces DaaS environment, a remote employee can create an instance of the virtual desktop quickly and easily. Initial set up is hours rather than weeks.

Have an employee with a laptop that went down? Not a big deal with Amazon Workspaces. They can simply start another instance on their tablet. Your team is back up and running with less frustration and limited downtime.

2. Get up and running quickly

Remote work can happen quickly in today’s business world. One day an employee is at the office, the next they are quarantined at home. Traditionally, this could mean a lot of down since your employee could not access their work systems while stuck at home, perhaps caring for other family members. Amazon Workspaces allows your employee to get back to work without missing a beat. Just as easily as changing from one device to another, your remote employees can get up and running quickly from home, or wherever they may be forced to work. 

You can also quickly deploy workspaces to hundreds of users within hours. Who knows what may happen in the world in the coming months? If your office space is shut down at some point, and employees cannot come to the office, operations can continue. As long as they have an Internet connection, they can get right back to work, meaning no loss of business time for you — and no loss of a paycheck for them.

3. Amazon Workspace bundles bring specificity for remote workers

Not only can each workspace be provisioned with the software and hardware each remote worker needs, but you can go even further. You can split the instances into regions of compute or by customer sector. 

This allows each of your remote workers to have their own instance type, or those types can be duplicated for all members of a team or who perform similar functions across different teams. Amazon Workspaces allows your remote employees to have everything they need, other than that talk around the water cooler.

4. Keep data safe with Amazon Workspaces

Traditionally, working from home, other locations, or even in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment, security had to be a primary concern for the company. Often, this limited off-site work on data that was seen as too risky to leave the building. 

With Amazon Workspaces, that is one less thing you, or your remote employees, must worry about. All your data is kept secure and provided to each of your users with access to persistent, encrypted storage volumes in the AWS Cloud. 

Amazon Workspaces is deployed within an Amazon Virtual Private Network. No data is actually stored on the devices your remote workers use to access the system. It is a true, virtual, secure environment, which makes device loss or breach a much less serious issue. 

By keeping your data in the AWS Cloud, Amazon Workspaces reduces your overall risk and gives your remote employees peace of mind.

With the coronavirus pandemic not showing many signs of stopping, it is uncertain when your remote workers will return to your business. But with Amazon Workspaces, your business need not be interrupted. Whether your employees have been working from home for months or are suddenly called away and forced to work remotely in an instant, Amazon Workspaces will help keep your business up and running securely while they work remotely. 

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