5 Tips for Making Your Business a “Best Place to Work” With Cost-Effective IT Upgrades


Jul 18, 2016

There’s no question that employees in today’s workforce are more technically literate than the generations before them. They use technology regularly to do their banking, get the news, network with colleagues, search for information, and stay connected to families and friends. Using a cellphone and texting have become second nature for many individuals, so it is understandable that they expect more out of their technology than their predecessors.

Awesome Job

Employers need to supply their employees with the technology to keep them connected at work so they feel productive and efficient. By having the most up-to-date software and IT infrastructure and a reliable, fast network, you can keep employee downtime to a minimum.

Employees want to be challenged at work. They want tasks that make them feel valued and passionate about their job, improve their skill sets, and allow them to reach their full potential. Employees who are held back by unproductive tasks and tedious IT work environments tend to be unhappy at work, but this is an easy fix well within the business owner’s control.

Leverage Technology With IT Stability and Innovation to Improve Your Employees’ Lives

When your employees feel that they are solving problems and providing value, they will naturally be happier at what they do — and more productive. If you want your employees to be driven to a level of productivity that includes a high-quality, inspired work product, it is important to provide them with the tools and technology required for them to get the job done. This is where having a lightning-fast, well-maintained network can make all the difference.

Providing a reliable, stable IT environment that has little downtime means employees aren’t standing around while the network gets worked on for the third time in a month. When employees are faced with repeated interruptions and downtime during the workday, they not only waste valuable paid time — they lose their focus. It can take twice as long to get back into the groove of a project when it’s been interrupted once or twice, so the network guy can crawl under the desk to check connections.

A reliable IT provider will make sure your company is set up with as much connectivity — and limited downtime — as it needs to run daily operations fully and consistently. Your managed IT services provider will offer support 24/7/365 depending on the package you sign up for. When employees need immediate assistance, your IT provider should have them set up with pre-approved helpdesk support options, so they aren’t left without a solution for longer than necessary. When your employees have the resources they need to get back up and running as quickly as possible, they can return to accomplishing great things.

IT Business Continuity Services Provide a Stable Work Environment

Your employees want to feel that their employer takes disaster planning seriously, so they can feel comfortable that their jobs will be there when unexpected incidents arise.

You should expect your IT service partner to include a comprehensive assessment and consultation of your current infrastructure, network and business continuity status. When you sign up for a managed service provider, part of their package should include keeping your business operational during a security incident or data breach.

After all, employees aren’t the only part of your business that you want to keep fully functional during any potential downtime. An effective business continuity strategy will include a targeted assessment of your business’s most sensitive data and critical operations — so that your IT provider can create a customized business continuity plan that meets your business’s specific needs for optimal business success in the years to come.

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