8 Benefits of Bringing Amazon WorkSpaces to Your Organization


What can a managed, secure cloud-based desktop service do for your business?

The ever-present cloud is now bringing enterprise-level services and applications within reach of more companies than ever before. Services like cloud-based contact center platforms, application hosting, virtual servers, and media deployment solutions have been joined by secure cloud-based desktop services like Amazon WorkSpaces, bringing advanced rapid desktop computer deployment and management infrastructure to organizations large and small.

What would that mean for your business? Here are eight substantial benefits a company can expect from the cloud-based capabilities of Amazon WorkSpaces. Let’s count them down:

8. Serve an existing server directly to employees, securely and selectively wherever they are

Companies can easily integrate current server infrastructure with Amazon WorkSpaces, keeping existing authentication protocols and permissions intact. Users can access these resources securely from any location, seamlessly.

7. Manage desktop deployment centrally for all users in the building, on the opposite coast, or on the other side of the planet

Organizations can manage the global deployment of many thousands of WorkSpaces from their Amazon Web Services (AWS) console. Workspaces are available across 12 AWS regions and can provide high-performance cloud workstations anywhere teams need to do their thing. Also, if a company suddenly needs more WorkSpaces, it’s easy to add as many as needed (or de-provision a few) to satisfy current computing needs at any given time.

6. Work with desktops on a variety of devices

Amazon WorkSpaces supports a multiplicity of devices – Windows and Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads, Fire and Android tablets, and through Chrome or Firefox web browsers. Users simply download the client software and work on the device of their choice.

5. Deploy multiple operating systems without licensing hassles

Users can create WorkSpaces with Windows 10, Windows 7, or Amazon Linux 2 operating systems with licenses covered. They can also bring existing licenses over and save 16 percent per desktop. Moreover, when it comes to software, they can select from several application bundles for their WorkSpaces and never have to worry about being license-compliant.

4. Make sure data is secure, no matter where it’s accessed from

Amazon WorkSpaces is distributed within an Amazon Virtual Private Network (VPC), which provides users with access to persistent – no data loss – encrypted storage volumes via the AWS Cloud, integrated with AWS Key Management Services (KMS). What do all these three-letter acronyms mean for you? Well, since no data is stored on the local device, and all data flows through enterprise-level encryption independent of the network access point (wired or wireless), sensitive information is as safe being accessed from the free Wi-Fi at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow as it is from behind the company firewall.

3. Managing desktop resources has never been this easy

Imagine configuring a desktop computer in real time with just the right processor, memory, and storage options, on demand and for as many workstations as must be deployed – down the hall or across an ocean. The IT department can also dynamically modify them with additional power or capacity as the use case demands. No more having to guess how many desktops will be needed and wondering just how they should be configured. That’s the reality of WorkSpaces.

2. Delivering desktops, simplified

Amazon WorkSpaces makes all the details of administrating a fleet of desktops easier to deal with than most ever thought possible. Provisioning, deploying, maintaining, and recycling—there’s less hardware inventory to keep track of and no need for a complicated virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that won’t scale.

And, the number one substantial benefit businesses can expect from the cloud-based capabilities of Amazon WorkSpaces is:

1. Reduced costs

Anyone with a tech background surely saw this coming. All the above leads directly to a smaller IT line item, or the business can do way more with the same resources. WorkSpaces users will buy less hardware and software and spend less to deploy, maintain, and upgrade them. Yes, it all seems a bit anticlimactic after everything that preceded it, but this is the benefit that will make the CTO more popular with the CFO, the COO, and the CEO. All of that may perhaps lead to more good things.

Don’t be stymied by an out-of-date digital infrastructure

See how Amazon WorkSpaces can change the way you manage your IT resources and do more without spending more cash. Get the info by getting in touch with CloudHesive at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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