Experience Whole Team Optimization with Amazon Connect & CloudHesive


Amazon Connect & CloudHesive – Optimize Your Service 

Managing an efficient and effective customer call center or contact team is no joke. Keeping track of customers’ questions and issues and promptly meeting needs are complex and often tricky processes. 

Customer contact centers must work effectively for organizations, agents, and customers to provide optimal business value. Think about it for a moment – when was the last time you were eager to call into customer support?

Remember the days of spending hours searching through a complicated website or on hold while an agent flipped through a notebook? Then, there’s waiting while the agent tries to find the answer from other agents or supervisors nearby. It’s not that the effort is not there. It’s that the correct result takes far too long. 

Customer service in the digital business age has changed. Amazon Connect optimizes call centers through efficient and effective communication between customer service teams and customers. 

This guide covers call center operations optimization leveraging Amazon Connect and CloudHesive to enhance customer experience and drive growth.

Key takeaways: 

What does call center optimization mean for businesses in the digital era?
How to embrace call center optimization using Amazon Connect and CloudHesive
Take advantage of the seamless integration of Amazon Connect and other systems for improved call routing, interactive voice response, and data-driven business analysis 
Find out how to enhance your customer’s journey for added business value and revenue growth
Discover how to optimize call centers using key performance indicators

Understanding call center optimization

Is your customer call center taking advantage of call center optimization? Amazon call center optimization provides the tools necessary to organize and manage customer service efficiently and effectively. Amazon Connect can help customer service teams connect in real-time to provide fast, accurate, and cost-effective services that build business growth. 

Enhancing call center operations with Amazon Call Center is an excellent way to improve customer service and create business value. Even better is the combination of Amazon Connect and CloudHesive ConnectPath CX

ConnectPath CX is a tool that helps customer service teams fully use Amazon Connect. ConnectPath CX provides a team-centered approach to building a collaborative service working environment. 

You need a fully featured customer service contact center in the digital age. Collaborative and connected agent experience provides an environment that empowers agents to provide optimal customer service. ConnectPath CX improves the working life of agents and managers while improving customer service. 

Another advantage of using CloudHesive ConnectPath CX and Amazon Connect is built-in business analytics. Business analytics provide information on how customers feel about the business and the effectiveness of the customer service team. Knowledge is power. By leveraging the data from business analytics, you can improve your service and retain customers. 

Consider using the following KPIs to track customer service performance:

  • CSAT (customer satisfaction score)
  • CES (customer effort score)
  • ESAT (employee satisfaction score)
  • Total Tickets per Customer
  • Volume by channel
  • FRT 9 (first response time)
  • AHT (average handle time)
  • Cost per resolution
  • Customer retention
  • ETR (employee turnover rate)

ConnectPath CX optimizes Amazon Connect to provide call center optimization for both customers and employees. Businesses deliver exceptional customer service and build their brand through cost-effective customer retention. Amazon Connect provides the features, while ConnectPath CX delivers a fully managed experience to optimize team performance. 

Benefits of Amazon Connect and CloudHesive Integration

The powerful combination of Amazon Connect and CloudHesive ConnectPath CX provides business optimization throughout the customer service team. Benefits of using ConnectPath CX with Amazon Connect include:

  • Fast application deployment that works
  • Built-in integrations with existing tools, including CRM applications
  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency using the power of shared data
  • Increased ability to provide personalized, accurate, and consistent service
  • Agent monitoring for training purposes and performance improvement
  • Connected access to information for agents, managers, and customers 

If Amazon Connect has all the tools to optimize your call center operations, what do you need ConnectPath CX for? Amazon Connect is a collection of useful, highly integrated tools that can be deployed in hours.  However, many companies don’t have the resources or ability to manage the tool integration, deployment, updates, and full capabilities of Amazon Connect. 

ConnectPath CX provides managed services that enable businesses to optimize the customer experience cost-effectively and customized to the business’s specific needs. 

CloudHesive managed services provide your customer service team with the following advantages:

  • Custom-designed cloud toolsets for your service team
  • 24/7/365 US-based technical support
  • Enhanced scalability 
  • Optimized agent routing flows through routing profiles and queues
  • Custom script updates to customize Amazon Connect tools to your needs
  • Continuous system monitoring to ensure your team is always up and running

Optimizing workflows with Amazon Connect

Call center optimization starts with organization. Amazon Connect offers an integrated set of tools for efficiently managing all aspects of a customer service team. Amazon Connect allows businesses to scale services up or down based on need. So, whether your team serves hundreds or millions of customers, you can provide the same excellent service levels. 

Amazon Connect also has embedded AI and ML features to help manage tasks and customer information, automate interactions, assess sentiment, and provide agent assistance and schedules within a single interface. Take advantage of AI and ML without necessarily having to understand it. 

One single collaborative interface called the CCP (Contact Control Panel) enables:

  • Task management
  • Complete customer data profiles
  • Knowledge assistance
  • Scheduling
  • Skills-based routing
  • Call summaries
  • Speech and content sentiment analysis
  • IVR (interactive voice response)

All features are configurable and actionable in real-time when needed. When used, customer data collection and call summarization perform ongoing data collection and monitoring – your business benefits from using accurate and real customer data to improve service. 

Customer contact centers can optimize further by automating other processes to simplify service. Customer profiles, for example, are pulled from integrated business applications or CRMs like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk. Keep all the data where agents need it – accessible from a single task management dashboard. 

The more organized the customer contact service team is, the better they can serve customers and build business value. Customers want answers now, in real-time. Self-service portals are handy but aren’t enough. Self-service must be followed up by or connected to live assistance when needed. Don’t make it hard to contact service. Make it easy and build your customer base. 

Using CloudHesive ConnectPath CX and Amazon Connect provides a fully supported service team where customers have multiple contact methods and self-service access. Organizations can customize tools to meet both agent and customer needs. Leverage process automation where it fits and gains satisfied customers but a seamless, optimized workflow. 

Customer service optimization is ready for your business

Take advantage of managed services provided with CloudHesive ConnectPath CX and get the maximum value from Amazon Connect for your customer team. Empower your service team to provide exceptional service consistently with each interaction. Benefit from customer data analysis to improve operations and performance. Build your business and cost-effectively increase customer retention, revenue, and employee satisfaction. 

CloudHesive is a cloud solution consulting and managed services business partner with Amazon Web Services expertise and is a premier partner. CloudHesive has the experience and knowledge to partner with your business to create the best customer service center possible. 

CloudHesive helps any organization experience the benefits and power of Amazon Connect. Contact us!

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