3 Ways Businesses on AWS Can Extract Huge Benefits From the Overarching Amazon Ecosystem


Being on AWS means you not only have the most widely adopted cloud service but also access to several tools that can be immensely valuable for your business

Key Takeaways:

  • AWS cloud service is part of a vast Amazon ecosystem presenting opportunities for businesses to grow
  • AWS service comes with the AWS professional network and other tools such as Amazon connect
  • AWS also connects to a marketplace for third-party services offered via AWS partners
  • Amazon ecosystem offers business “commercial services” providing services for retail, marketplace, and business operations

Businesses using AWS cloud should already be familiar with the fact that the cloud is just one part of the planetary system in the Amazon galaxy. It is the center of a wide-ranging ecosystem designed to serve developers, influencers, sellers, vendors, consumers, and businesses. Amazon also has a culture of continuous growth through innovation, and businesses should understand the offerings that can help reach their goals.

In this blog post, we’ll look at various services that come with the AWS cloud and the overarching Amazon ecosystem with a focus on how these services can help businesses get more out of their Amazon subscription. 

1. AWS’s own products and professional network services

AWS provides the most broadly used cloud computing and data storage service on the market. It has a robust strategy of developing new products and bringing out new services that can benefit businesses.

Currently, AWS has more than 100 products that can be leveraged for improving business processes and streamlining operations. A couple examples are the omnichannel Amazon Connect cloud contact center and AWS identity and access management. But even these products keep evolving and introducing new capabilities. For example, Amazon Connect has a new feature called Amazon Connect Wisdom, which will enable call center agents to personalize responses according to individual customers.

AWS also has AWS Professional Services. This network is comprised of global teams of experts that help organizations reach their AWS cloud goals. 

AWS Professional Services has curated special offerings for businesses, including a set of best practices, activities, and documentation based on the experience gained helping countless other businesses. The professional services team guides businesses via their global specialty practices, covering various kinds of industries, technologies, and solutions.

2. AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace provides access to third-party products and services created by AWS partners. These partners are an international community of solution providers focused on bringing valuable additions to the AWS cloud platform. 

Amazon helps these partners create, market, and sell AWS products by providing the marketplace and technical support. The expert support given to these AWS partners enables them to provide businesses with tools that close the gaps between existing AWS services and other business needs.

This essentially means that a second wave of cloud is going to make a whole new cloud infrastructure emerge. This new coating of cloud products will bring more and more benefits for businesses. 

AWS ensures that AWS partners meet their technical standards. There are more than 100,000 AWS partners located in more than 150 countries. It doesn’t matter where your business is operating, you can find AWS partners to help solve your cloud-related issues.

The partner network initiative helps companies take advantage of everything AWS Cloud Services brings to its clients. The products and services added by these partners have been developed after carefully studying the problems businesses experience and developing high-quality software solutions for them.

3. AWS commercial services

AWS also offers commercial services to businesses that are known as business value propositions. These services encompass retail and marketplace facilitation and business operations help.

Amazon offers services and channels for producing and distributing products, services, and content as well as crowdsourcing platforms for outsourcing jobs, a procurement platform for businesses, and a platform for auctioning unsold or returned goods.

To help businesses run their operations, Amazon offers financial services, logistics services, marketing services, and physical retail technology. 

Amazon one is a system through which customers can identify themselves by the palm of their hands when they enter a shop, so they can be served according to their personalized profiles. Then there is the just-walk-out technology being used in Amazon Go shops, which eliminates the need of having a checkout counter. And the smart shelf has the ability to weigh the number of products stacked on it and can reorder when the need arises. Businesses can implement these technological innovations to better their operations.

Amazon logistics operates a fleet of airplanes, drones, and delivery robots that can deliver packages door to door. Amazon Ads provides advertising services. Amazon Associates are online businesses that refer consumers to items that are sold on Amazon.

Amazon Pay offers shop cards and other financial services, such as product insurance for consumers and loans for small businesses. Amazon Pay is also available to be bought by outside Amazon sellers. 

It’s a wide ecosystem, but CloudHesive is an AWS partner organization that has the expertise and the experience to tailor the perfect Amazon strategy for your organization. We have already shifted the business processes of many organizations by leveraging cloud services. If you are working with us, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and security are assured.

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