Amazon Introduces Macie to Prevent Data Loss Through Machine Learning


Dec 6, 2017

Use automation to help identify and protect your most valuable data stored in the cloud

Amazon continues its growth in the cloud computing space. Rarely does a week go by without the Seattle based company releasing some new feature or product for their AWS ecosystem.

Security is and has always been a key concern for cloud computing giants. The convenience of the cloud is obvious, but it’s become vitally important that providers do all they can to ensure your data is secure while being stored there, with security that often eclipses on-premises solutions. Amazon has taken its focus on security to a new level with the release of Amazon Macie for S3.

What is Amazon Macie?

Amazon Macie uses machine learning to automatically monitor and protect sensitive data that’s being stored in AWS. This AI-based tool is able to detect personally identifiable information or other types of intellectual property and offer insights into how this data is being accessed and moved throughout your organization’s cloud-based storage resources. This fully-managed service monitors data for potential data leaks and unauthorized access and immediately provides alerts to the necessary parties.

Amazon Macie currently supports data stored in Amazon S3 buckets, but it will be rolled out to additional AWS data stores later in 2017.

Benefits of Amazon Macie

Below are just a few of the reasons you should look at Amazon Macie if you’re currently storing sensitive data in the cloud:

Easy setup

Amazon Macie is easy and intuitive to setup. Simply login to your AWS console, select the Amazon Macie service from your dashboard, and designate the AWS accounts that you’d like to protect.

Machine learning used to automate data security

With machine learning, Amazon Macie is able to automate the process of discovering and protecting data that’s stored in the cloud. This helps your team understand what sensitive data is being stored in the cloud, how it’s being accessed, as well as any access patterns that may point to misuse. Replicating this level of security with your own IT staff would likely be cost prohibitive.

Integrates with Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon Macie tightly integrates with Amazon CloudWatch so that all its findings will show up neatly in your existing CloudWatch events. This allows you to build robust real-time reports that can integrate with any existing security ticketing tools.

High level visibility into your data

With Amazon Macie, your IT team will have full visibility into your cloud storage environments, first with S3 and with other AWS data stores later in the year.

Interested in learning more about Amazon Macie?

If you think your team could benefit from the machine learning capabilities of Amazon Macie, don’t hesitate to reach out to the CloudHesive team today. As proud Amazon partners, we’re always investigating the latest Amazon services, and we continue to be impressed by the use cases for Amazon Macie. To learn more about this cloud security tool, feel free to call 800-860-2040 or send us an email using our online contact form.

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