The Amazon WorkDocs iOS App Now Supports Better File Sharing


Use the updated Amazon WorkDocs iOS app to streamline sharing files – and avoid endless emails with your team

The Amazon WorkDocs iOS app recently received some welcome upgrades that offer beefed up file-sharing functionality. These features will better integrate Amazon WorkDocs into your workflow when using any type of iOS device.

This update to the Amazon WorkDocs iOS app will allow you to more easily capture and store pictures and information in the cloud. You can now share documents across all your favorite apps on your phone or tablet, provided they support file sharing. Save photos from your camera to WorkDocs, or send files from the WorkDocs app itself to other apps using the share button. You’ll also be able to use email and other messaging apps to send files that are stored in your WorkDocs account.

What is Amazon WorkDocs?

Amazon WorkDocs is an enterprise grade storage and file-sharing service that offers robust administrative controls and security. Users can easily make comments on files, send them to others for feedback, and even upload new versions, all from whatever device they choose, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.

To make the transition to WorkDocs easy for IT personnel, this cloud-based service also easily integrates with existing corporate directories and offers flexible sharing options, as well as full control over where the data is actually stored.

Should you need access to data housed in WorkDocs through your internal applications, you’ll have access to a variety of APIs that allow you to control folders, files, and permissions.

New Features of Amazon WorkDocs

As is the case with all AWS services, Amazon engineers are constantly adding features to WorkDocs to make it as user-friendly and useful as possible. These are just a few of the most popular features of this file-sharing platform:

  • Central hub for management – Users have access to 1 TB of storage, as well as an Activity Feed that helps users keep track of documents that have changed and quickly find the files they need.
  • Easy document feedback – Users are able to make comments on individual files, send to others for their revisions, and upload new versions without having to send countless emailed versions as attachments. Users can comment on a specific section of a file, reply to any comments publicly or privately, and tag specific people by their email address. In addition, users can lock a document to prevent it from receiving further changes. Amazon WorkDocs notifies all contributors via email when a relevant change is made to a shared document.
  • Files synced across devices – Whether changes are made from the iOS app on an iPhone or iPad, or from any other device, all modifications will be instantly synced in the cloud via an encrypted connection.

Interested in trying out Amazon WorkDocs?

Amazon is currently offering 1 TB of file storage when you sign up for WorkDocs. Give the CloudHesive team a call today at 800-860-2040 or send us a message for more information about integrating Amazon WorkDocs into your existing AWS infrastructure.

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