Amazon’s Cloud End User Computing Services: Slash Costs and Grow Your IT Capabilities


The AWS suite of cloud-based services makes IT management easier and less expensive

There comes a time to leave the past behind and upgrade to a new way of doing things. There’s been a paradigm shift in the IT world that offers any company the benefits of enterprise-level IT management techniques and the reduced costs that come with large business-sized economies of scale. The Cloud Revolution is here, and it’s changed how organizations do the work of IT and what it costs to keep their infosphere at the leading edge of information technology. Here are some Amazon services that can get you on board.

First, allow us to introduce Amazon WorkDocs

It was probably the first kind of “cloud-anything” most businesses ever had: cloud storage. Built-in the robust cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS), anyone can secure content on the world’s most massive cloud infrastructure. It’s like an always-online and always-accessible virtual Solid-State Drive (SSD) – let’s face it, hard drives are so last decade – fully customizable for an organization’s needs.

Want to replace racks and racks of HD disk arrays that hold the collective digital history of your enterprise? Migrate all of that content to our always-up cloud. Have team members across the state, the country, and the planet who need secure, collaboration-friendly storage so they can properly work together? Amazon WorkDocs brings it to you, with no upfront fees or commitments. Users pay only for active accounts and the actual storage they use. The service offers a 30-day, no-obligation free trial with 1 TB of storage per user and up to 50 user accounts.

Take your intranet worldwide and keep your global team informed, no VPN needed

Amazon WorkLink lets teams access secure internal web content as quickly as they can view any public website, without resorting to a VPN or some other cumbersome method of connecting to the company network. When a user accesses one of the network’s private sites, the page renders in a browser running in a secure container on Amazon Web Services (AWS). WorkLink then sends the content of the browser to employee phones, tablets, PCs, or Macs as a scalable vector graphics (.svg) file, so it looks perfect and renders quickly. The information reaches the employee, but the data never leaves the servers. Once again, the organization only pays for what it uses – a fixed fee per WorkLink user, with no additional data costs.

Stream desktop applications securely via nearly any browser with Amazon AppStream 2.0

Say a company needs to implement a new ordering-and-scheduling software system and get it out to the sales network worldwide, and it needs to happen yesterday. AppStream 2.0 is here to help. Fully managed on AWS and globally available with pay-as-you-go pricing, companies can quickly scale their application streaming to any number of users across the globe without acquiring, provisioning, and operating hardware or infrastructure. Users can access the new software at any time on any computer, including Chromebooks, Macs, and PCs.

Amazon WorkSpaces: Provide every user with the tools they require

Desktops are not one-size-fits-all. Some users just need the basics, and some need significant processing power and specialized software. Amazon WorkSpaces offers a range of hardware and software bundles to meet their needs: seven different packages ranging from 1 to 16 virtual CPUs (vCPUs), and software from Microsoft Office all the way to advanced specialized graphics suites. Each desktop’s storage allocation can be easily adjusted, and IT can create customized software bundles for more specific use cases.

Organizations can also provision multiple WorkSpaces at once to a standard set of hardware and software bundles specifications, or they can set up one at a time as needed. In either case, the Amazon WorkSpaces bundle specifies the system resources required, which desktop operating system to run and the software applications to be included. That’s not all: Companies can choose from two running modes for their WorkSpaces – AlwaysOn, for monthly billing, or AutoStop if they prefer hourly billing.

Learn how Amazon’s End User Computing Solutions can change your business

See how Amazon WordDocs, WorkLink, AppStream 2.0 and WorkSpaces can revolutionize your IT capabilities and give all your staff – here, there and everywhere – the tools they need to move the ball forward. The revolution starts with no up-front costs and pay-as-you-go convenience. Learn more by getting in touch with CloudHesive at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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