Architecture Optimization: Finding the Ideal Cloud Instance for Your App


As in all architecture, the first step to a solid structure is knowing where to build

It’s part and parcel of every architecture project, both in the real and virtual worlds. In the “brick and mortar” architecture world, it’s known as site selection. The location of a project dictates many factors, including such things as structural configuration and ease of access.

The same applies to the choice of where to build architecture projects that use code to create the structure.

Amazon Web Services EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is an ideal choice for the construction of an application architecture project. Unlike a physical build site, it can be configured to the precise needs of the project in question and optimized to fulfill those needs quickly and precisely. In other words, it provides a strong foundation for whatever you want to build.

AWS EC2 is the precisely correct place to build your project

How is that possible? It’s simple. EC2 is a cloud computing service that allows the quick and easy setup of a virtual computing instance in minutes, with the desired operating system and a suite of necessary applications. EC2 lets you run a wide variety of operating systems, although most run one of several versions of either Linux or Windows OS.

In addition, it’s easy to configure an EC2 instance to the needed “hardware” specifications. Need an immense amount of RAM? Does your instance require a potent CPU to run the software project in question adequately? Any combination of specifications can be made available for the requirements of the task at hand. Choose precisely the parameters that the job requires and pay only for what you need. There is even a free tier of service available to get started.

Choose from optimized EC2 types to get started even more quickly

Amazon provides 10 different configuration types that allow for quick project startup or even the provisioning of many needed instances at one time. There are general-purpose instances that are a great starting point for most projects, such as compute-optimized configurations for applications that need robust computing power and memory-optimized configs for apps that require copious amounts of RAM. Whatever the requirements of the project in question, there is a perfect EC2 instance for it – preconfigured or set up to meet the most precise specifications.

Spec’ing out your ideal EC2 configuration

With so many variables and specifications to choose from, configuring the perfect EC2 instance for a project can be a daunting task. But one of the main advantages of EC2 is that one can test and reconfigure an instance on the fly, and quickly and cost-effectively arrive at the optimal configuration for running the application in question. This flexibility is in contrast to a traditional environment where you’re limited by the hardware configuration you have on hand.

By testing your application on several EC2 instances, each configured to satisfy a different specification, the ideal hardware spec for the application can be arrived at even more quickly. One can optimize an instance for a combination of factors, balancing performance needs with cost parameters to arrive at the ideal price/performance ratio for the project.

Pay only for what you use with EC2

Only having to pay for the resources consumed at the end of each month is perhaps the best feature of EC2. If you launch 10 instances over the course of the month, you’ll only be charged for the actual time each one of those instances is running. Need more bandwidth during peak usage hours? You only pay for the bandwidth you use – no need to pay for an always-on “fat-pipe” with just a trickle flowing through for eight hours a day.

Let CloudHesive help you take advantage of EC2 and all the cloud has to offer

The cloud revolution is going full steam ahead – let CloudHesive help you get up to speed. With our implementation and management expertise, your company can start seeing the cost savings and enhanced power of AWS EC2 instances and the potential of the cloud. Learn about CloudHesive today by getting in touch with us at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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