The Benefits of AWS Cloud for Startups and Small Businesses


There’s no argument that growing a new business comes with a long list of challenges. Although true, that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. There may be numerous services and tools to help a growing business, but AWS Cloud offers numerous benefits to help startups cover their bases every step of the way.


Regardless of your journey to grow a budding startup, AWS Cloud can help you take your endeavors to the next level. From technical challenges to hiring employees and handling finances, AWS goes far beyond the essentials of building a business. You can also utilize the AWS Cloud and its tools to work in the interest of your particular needs. Moreover, you can adapt it to your needs as your startup continues to grow.

Depending on the current stage of your business, there are different features and benefits of the AWS Cloud that are perfect for where you are right now. It’ll also ensure you’re prepared for future developments and can seamlessly adapt with time and cost-efficiency. There are also different programs catered toward specific business goals. From concept to market, AWS Cloud is an excellent tool to have on your side.

It’s also perfect for collaborative efforts with other businesses and professionals, which is essentially vital in this day and age. AWS tools have come a long way, and it’s clear they’re looking to be an all-in-one solution for growing businesses. At least, it looks like it, but it’s important to understand how to accelerate growth with AWS based on the needs of your particular venture and industry.

How can AWS help a growing startup?

With the many ways that AWS can benefit a growing startup, it’s essential to utilize the best tools for your business’s current stage. This isn’t too difficult to discern, but the technology is built to offer the services and tools you need during specific eras of growth. Nevertheless, there are numerous benefits that any business can take advantage of, regardless of where they are in their growth.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy deployment of new products, supporting you with a quicker execution on conceptualization and time to market.
  • High-level security from encryption, compliance certification, and control of access.
  • Cost efficiency with the benefit of a pay-as-you-go model. To clarify further, you only pay for what you use on AWS Cloud.
  • Get the support you need to scale your business when and how you want to, with all the tools you need being just a few clicks away.
  • Utilize advanced technology to support your business endeavors through AI, machine learning, and multi-level analytics that give you the data you need to grow effectively.

This is a generalization of what AWS Cloud can offer, but they’re some of the most essential points for a growing company. There are no limitations to how the technology can be adapted to the growth requirements of your business. However, core features may be more beneficial than others, and it’s a good idea to understand how they vary. You can either take a step-by-step approach with AWS or utilize exactly what you need at the moment.

Sign up and take advantage of AWS business programs

AWS may seem like a convoluted space for new users, but it’s pretty easy to get started. You can sign up by visiting the official AWS website and simply create an account with your business email and follow the prompts. Amazon will request some personal and billing information. From there, you simply create a password and are good to go. Amazon may also request identity verification before they provide access to their services. After that, you’ll have access to your AWS Management Console.

Most startups looking for growth solutions are interested in the different AWS business programs that are available. This is a wise choice as it acts as a helping hand that many businesses need to reach the next level. Between growth and acceleration programs, you have a few options to choose from. Some may be more catered to your needs than others, but all of them have immense value.

Startup Accelerator

An equity-free program focused on growing businesses, the AWS startup accelerator is a custom-made virtual program aimed at early-stage, pre-seed startups. The program gives you access to a global network of industry leaders, tech resources, a Go-To-Market strategy, and more. The intention is to take a business idea to market throughout a 10-week period. Every startup that takes part is also eligible for the AWS Activate program. This includes benefits such as $25k to spend on AWS services, 80 credits for self-paced labs, access to Activate Console, and much more.

AWS Global Startup Program

This program uniquely supports growing businesses that could benefit from Partner Development Managers. With a focus on thorough AWS knowledge and startup experience, this program aims to help with product development, go-to-market strategies and execution, and co-selling. A perfect solution for a growing tech startup, this is a great way to get a leg up on competitors before you even start. The program is invite-only, but you only have to go through a four-step process to request an invite.

Some AWS Cloud services may seem relatively niche to specific industries, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Some tools and services are particularly useful for certain types of businesses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to their fullest potential. Regardless of your industry, you can take plenty of value from AWS Cloud for startups. Between the cost and time efficiency, and vast list of cloud services, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be utilizing AWS to benefit your growing business. If you’d like more insight into how AWS works and how you can apply it to your business, review our case studies on our website.

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