Is AWS Elemental MediaPackage Right for Your Organization? This Amazon Web Service Can Change the Way Your Company Presents Media


AWS Elemental MediaPackage offers a more streamlined way to package and distribute video content for your organization

If your company produces a dynamic video that needs to be reliably streamed at scale and you’re looking to leverage the power of the cloud, Elemental should be at the top of your list. This service allows you to easily prepare live video streams to be broadcast across a wide array of devices, while still reducing the overall workflow complexity for you and your team.

Key features available with Amazon’s MediaPackage

Below are just a few of the components available from the web service, which helps efficiently scale video infrastructure:

  • Content protection – Making sure that your video content is properly protected should always be a concern. AWS Elemental MediaPackage integrates with a variety of Digital Rights Management (DRM) providers, and the correct protection is automatically detected based on the playback device. Apple FairPlay and Microsoft PlayReady are both supported.
  • Wide variety of output formats – Deliver content to as many viewers as possible with support for a variety of output formats including HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) with MPEG-2 Transport streams, MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, and Common Media Application Format (CMAF) fragmented MP4.
  • High availability architecture – As is the case with all AWS services, the MediaPackage automatically scales based on incoming requests. Resources are distributed across multiple AWS Availability Zones to ensure your users can access your video content regardless of their location without constant buffering or streaming issues.
  • Interfaces with other AWS services – The package can be used on its own, or can be tightly integrated with other AWS services for VOD processing, live video encoding, media-optimized storage, ad management, and monetization, CDN hosting and management, and much more.

Who is a good candidate for AWS Elemental MediaPackage?

All organizations can benefit greatly from the use of video. Whether you’re a small business simply trying to curate video content for your own purposes or you’re a worldwide broadcast network, it can be an integral part of your broadcast and streaming offerings.

How does it differ from other third-party packaging options that run on AWS?

You’ll be able to package and archive using the same formats that are streamed, whereas, with other cloud providers, you’ll need a separate workflow. In addition, with AWS Elemental MediaPackage, you no longer have to worry about managing multiple instances, as all scalability and redundancy are handled behind the scenes.

How is this different from other packaging services from various CDN providers?

AWS Elemental MediaPackage is completely CDN agnostic, which offers customers a simple way to utilize a multi-CDN strategy using a variety of third-party tools. This is much different from many CDN-based packaging services where you’re forced to use their specific CDN.

Interested in learning more about AWS Elemental MediaPackage?

If you think your company could benefit from some of the features available with AWS Elemental MediaPackage, feel free to reach out to CloudHesive’s team of South Florida cloud experts today at 800-860-2040. We’ll be happy to work with you to build a comprehensive strategy to meet your video packaging needs.

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