AWS Well-Architected: The Blueprint for Great App Architecture in the Cloud


Over the years, there have been many “best practices” for app design. Now Amazon offers a resource for developers to find the current thinking on cloud app development.

When individuals or organizations engage in any activity for any substantial length of time, they eventually adhere to a prevailing, agreed-upon methodology for the craft in question. These, enshrined as “best practices,” in many cases are treated with greater reverence than sacred scripture. It’s all well and good until – suddenly – it no longer is.

Application design and development is not different. It’s not enough to read about new techniques on the trade blogs and learn enough about these new developments so one can eloquently describe why they are inadequate and justify sticking with the tried and true. Staying current – and remaining relevant – requires thoroughly exploring emerging technology and more efficient ways of getting to “done.”

If in academia the aphorism is “publish or perish,” in business one might say “ship or die.”

In the end, it is not enough to “stay current” while continuing to do things the same, tired old way. The real deal is staying relevant and adopting competitive advances to move an enterprise forward.

AWS keeps pushing cloud computing forward and invites everyone to join them

As Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to put the power of the cloud into more hands than ever, efforts to educate and bring along its growing user base are part and parcel of how they work. The technology they develop demands an ongoing examination of what “best practices” really are in the face of such rapid progress. That’s why the AWS Architecture Center came into being.

The AWS Architecture Center is an ever-expanding technical resource library. It aims to provide an ongoing, always-updated definition of what constitutes “best practices” in the moving-target world of cloud-based application architecture, design, and deployment. It does so by offering the latest intelligence on architecting in the AWS cloud from working experts on the current leading edge of the field.

AWS Well-Architected

AWS Well-Architected helps professionals take stock of how their architecture efforts stack up to the best practices of the moment. Then Well-Architected helps in the adoption of those current best practices to take advantage of the power and efficiencies to be had in applying them.

  • AWS Well-Architected Framework – Operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization – those are the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework approach. That methodology, honed over the course reviews numbering in the tens of thousands, helps developers bring forth apps that can grow and, more importantly, scale successfully over their operational lifetime.
  • AWS Well-Architected Tool – A free console-based service, the Well-Architected Tool helps review the state of an in-progress project. It analyzes how well it conforms to the current library of architectural best practices maintained by AWS. Take a look at projects in development and determine how well they adhere to the five pillars while identifying areas in need of improvement. Check and recheck progress as you build applications with an eye toward a high-performance, secure infrastructure.
  • AWS Well-Architected Partner Program – Looking for a comprehensive resource that will help with the implementation of the elements of the Well-Architected Framework? Well-Architected Partner Program members who are exhaustively trained in the Well-Architected Framework will help in mastering the latest best practices and provide assistance when process changes are called for.

Grow the knowledge base and skill set with AWS Solutions and AWS Whitepapers and Guides

Developers looking to enhance their abilities and build confidence with the AWS platform need to look into AWS Solutions. Formulated to help solve common problems, every AWS Solution comes with a detailed architecture plan, a deployment guide, and detailed instructions.

AWS Whitepapers and Guides provide a growing resource for everyone building applications for the AWS cloud. Whitepapers on security concerns and topics like compliance in the health care sector help shed light on some of the more demanding cloud-application concerns.

With AWS and CloudHesive, you too can hit a moving target

Mastering any technical process or competency can be a daunting process. But you do not need to go it alone. With AWS’s Well-Architected Framework and the implementation and management expertise of CloudHesive, your company can start seeing the benefits of the power of the cloud. Having a trusted partner like CloudHesive, one invested in your success, makes all the difference. Learn about CloudHesive today by getting in touch with us at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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