AWS WorkSpaces Scalability Perks


WorkSpaces scalability perks & benefits

AWS WorkSpaces offers scalability on a sliding scale in either direction depending on your business needs. When your business requires more bandwidth, data storage, and server processing power you scale up, and when you don’t you can easily scale down. The purpose is to find the right balance that fits the business and the budget.

WorkSpaces scalability benefits include multiple perks. As a fully managed desktop virtualization service, WorkSpaces enables businesses to securely access data and applications from any supported device. Businesses can BYOD and use a pay-as-you-go model to manage costs. 

When reviewing the cost of using WorkSpaces, remember to compare the WorkSpaces price to that of hiring and managing an IT staff. Add in the depth of knowledge it requires to operate and manage virtual workstations versus paying for a fully managed service under the AWS infrastructure. You’ll find WorkSpaces to be a bargain with many benefits including flexible, customized, and managed scalability.

This guide provides information on the benefits of WorkSpaces scalability and virtualization managed services, including cost optimization tools and other perks.

What is scalability and why is it advantageous?

Scalability is the ability to scale server system usage up or down rapidly based on usage rates. By leveraging WorkSpaces scalability options, businesses will only ever pay for what they use. When usage is high, the costs go up and when usage drops, costs are adjusted down. In other words, businesses save money by not paying a simple, flat fee. Pay-as-you-go pricing used for WorkSpaces adds flexibility and cost-saving measures useful to every business. 

Additionally, WorkSpaces scalability applies to the managed services virtualization of desktops, PCs, and devices used by employees. With WorkSpaces, the business network is virtual and can be accessed by supported devices, or by using virtualization services anywhere around the globe. The business only pays for what it uses and can quickly scale up or down based on need. 

How can WorkSpaces improve IT Administration while reducing costs?

WorkSpaces provides a fully featured managed services option using the AWS infrastructure. Managed services are flexible and scalable. For example, when a business is releasing a new website, the development effort may require more support in server processing and data use. However, once the website is live, the system can be scaled up or down depending on the customer traffic volume and how much usage the site receives. 

Managed services are there when needed – they don’t hang around waiting for something to do. Businesses may keep the services busy continuously, or there may be periods when less are required. Compared to managing and hiring a knowledgeable IT staff, you’ll quickly understand the value of managed services. Managed services provide consistency and expertise while leveraging the power of the AWS infrastructure. 

How do businesses save money using managed services? They only pay for what is used and as needed. Consistent, expert IT management without the resource cost for retaining IT staff you may not need 24/7.  

The perks and benefits of WorkSpaces

WorkSpaces managed services provide big business value by including the following options: 

  • Scalability of use
  • Free, automated cost-optimization tools to manage WorkSpaces usage
  • Monthly or hourly billing options 
  • Application bundling options at no additional cost
  • Amazon WorkDocs access with 50 GB of storage for free
  • Streaming protocols that provide secure and high-quality imaging experiences
  • Businesses can bring their existing licenses to WorkSpaces and get automatic updates 
  • Provides compliant security protocols for HIPAA and PCI compliance regulations
  • AWS security ensures that WorkSpaces data remains stored internally and not on end-user devices
  • Businesses use control groups to define trusted IP addresses authorized to access WorkSpaces
  • Encrypt storage drives using KMS customer master keys for added data security
  • Amazon WorkSpaces Web is a lower-cost, fully managed service built for SaaS applications running on existing web browsers

WorkSpaces’ scalability and feature options are nearly endless, ranging from fully managed infrastructure and device support to WorkSpaces Web where users access SaaS applications directly without the need for additional applications. 

All these features include the ability to use free tools to monitor your WorkSpaces usage and adjust billing as needed. Cost Optimizer for WorkSpaces provides automatic cost adjustments by taking your usage data and adjusting to the most cost-effective plan automatically every month. Simply turn it on and you’re all set. WorkSpaces provides customizable, managed service plans that provide cost-effective IT management as needed. 

Are you considering migrating to a WorkSpaces virtualized network? Do you plan to use supported devices, or can you utilize the optional features like WorkSpaces Web? Consider trying it out first with the free version that can be explored for an entire year. Upgrade anytime to access WorkSpaces with all features available.

Need help migrating to a WorkSpaces network? Have questions on what features to use in WorkSpaces? CloudHesive provides support and deep expertise in using the Amazon Web Services cloud for the best business advantage. As both an Amazon Managed Services partner and an Amazon Premier Partner, CloudHesive helps businesses take full advantage of all the features AWS offers including Amazon WorkSpaces implementation and management. See what other customers have to say in case studies available from CloudHesive. 

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