Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth with Centricity


CloudHesive’s custom tool for efficiently handling your cloud infrastructure

Centricity is CloudHesive’s home-grown, Amazon-integrated solution that monitors and manages cloud infrastructure to ensure maximum productivity. Formerly called CloudPoxee, it allows you to gain insight into the performance and availability of your cloud-powered applications, even across a multi-cloud platform that mixes with SoftLayer and Amazon.

Additionally, your cloud is synchronized in real-time across all providers, meaning it scales with as many servers as required, with CloudHesive managing the upkeep to ensure constant security and maintenance.

CloudHesive specifically built Centricity for high availability and resiliency. Your actions will run on-time, reliably. That resilience does not compromise its flexibility, however. It can be accessed from virtually any computer, allowing you to work on the go, from home, or in a different country – expanding your productivity in and out of the traditional workplace.

Centricity’s four main modules

  1. Orchestrator (Amazon IaaS) allows for users to schedule and automate the stopping and starting of AWS EC2 environments as well as EBS snapshots. It also allows you to migrate snapshots to different regions.
  2. Mediabox is built on top of Amazon’s recently acquired Elemental platform and provides an end-to-end solution for OTT delivery. This includes player integration, real-time and historical metrics of content viewership, streaming statistics, and player activity.
  3. Secure Workspaces integrates smoothly with Amazon Workspaces, as well as Liquidware management software. This provides users the ability to add security controls as needed to meet the strictest compliance control sets. It also allows users to manage Secure Workspaces across multiple AWS accounts, see the health/status of all workspaces, and focus on issues that harm performance. In addition, Secure Workspaces provides automation for stops and starts on a mass scale, as well as maintenance and scheduling tools.
  4. Customer Connect (Amazon Connect) provides real-time dashboards to keep users up to date, as well as canned reports that are common to the BPO and contact center space. It also has a portal to listen to recordings and provide visibility into transcribed recordings, while allowing access to call transaction data through AWS. This access extends to QuickSight for reporting trends.

Simplifying your work

Centricity can be accessed from anywhere you are with ease, allowing you to make vital changes without having to leave the house, coffee shop, or airport.

And there are other, more direct benefits that simplify your job. Advance scheduling, for example, allows you to easily schedule service for Amazon Web Services and SoftLayer instances and environments across a multi-cloud platform. In addition, Centricity was designed to be easy to use. It’s simple, clean, and intuitive, without the complex, inscrutable dashboards that tend to make users complain.

This simplicity is only possible because of how cloud-centric the organizational system is. If you don’t like the way Centricity monitors or manages your services, you can change it to suit your needs – with those revisions synchronized across all platforms. Build and manage your environments from a single place instead of dealing with multiple complex control panels that hinder productivity.

All of this serves to make running your cloud easier – without tanking a performance or compromising scalability.

Secure at every size

Centricity is eminently scalable and maintains your cloud network’s availability across multiple platforms. Your content is synchronized real-time from all providers and it can be as large or small as your needs demand. And with CloudHesive taking care of all the maintenance and security, the infrastructure remains safe.

This security – no matter how big or small your cloud – is ensured thanks to CloudHesive’s extensive knowledge of web and cloud security policy. One simple example of how Centricity keeps you protected is through its use of two-factor authentication; this security step vastly reduces the chance of unauthorized access.

AWS Workspaces is under the hood

CloudHesive is a proud partner of Amazon Web Services, and AWS is what powers Centricity’s Secure Workspaces solution. The platform surrounds your Workspace, layering security controls and management tools over the basic environment. This enables you to closely monitor the health and well-being of Workspaces and quickly resolve issues that are affecting performance.

Centricity’s integration with AWS also means you can securely handle workstations that process credit card information, manage health information, audit remote employees, and supervise any large deployments that require constant security.

CloudHesive’s partnership with Amazon Web Services is a relationship that has created a powerful, custom solution for monitoring and managing your cloud infrastructure – built on top of the best on-demand cloud computing platform on the planet.

To learn more about Centricity, get in touch with our team today at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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