CloudHesive is at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas


Find out where our team is for Amazon’s big cloud event


Anyone who works with Amazon Web Services should consider attending AWS re:Invent, the annual conference held in Las Vegas. This is where thousands of people get together for a week of training sessions, workshops, and keynote announcements, as well as a variety of after-hours events. The CloudHesive team will be at AWS re:Invent this year, and we’re particularly looking forward to the sessions listed below.


API310 – How to refactor a monolith to serverless in 8 steps

Whatever refactoring challenges you’re dealing with, this chalk talk will give you the tools to solve them. In eight steps, you will learn how to successfully refactor your monolith.


CMP305 – EBS snapshots what’s new, best practices and security

This session offers valuable information about Amazon Elastic Book Store snapshots, how they work, and the best practices for using them. You can also learn how to integrate them into your disaster recovery plans.


STG336 – Using hybrid cloud storage to close a data center and migrate

During this interactive discussion, you will find out how a fintech startup migrated its data and workloads to the cloud using a variety of AWS offerings, including AWS Database Migration Service and Amazon Elastic File System.


AIM307 – Amazon Sagemaker deep dive: A modular solution for machine learning

If you’re involved with machine learning or want to be, you won’t want to miss this session. You will learn about Amazon SageMaker, which gives developers the tools to build and train machine learning models.


NET402 – Networking Wizards: Ask me anything

Do you have questions about firewalls, AWS Transit Gateway, VPN, or anything else concerning networks? In this session, you can get answers from two principal solutions architects who have helped numerous AWS customers build their networks.


CMP303 – Powering next-gen Amazon EC2: Deep dive into the Nitro system

If you want to learn about the Nitro system, this session will discuss its design and architecture and how it is helping to power the next generation of Amazon EC2 instances.


ARC334 – From one to many: Evolving VPC design

In this session you will see how a single regional VPC evolves to become a multi-VPC. You will also learn creative solutions for things like integrating existing networks through AWS Direct Connect and securing outbound VPC traffic.


DAT344 – Deploying the CIA security triad model on Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora

You can’t beat the CIA when it comes to security, and in this session you will learn how the agency used Amazon Aurora and Amazon Relational Database to build its security triad principles.


CMP323 – Optimize performance and cost for your AWS compute

In this session, you will learn how to cut costs and boost performance of your AWS workload. You will also discover how to identify optimal Amazon EC2 instances with AWS tools and services.


SEC324 – Deep dive into AWS multi-account strategies

There are several landing zone sessions, and this one focuses on the design principles when creating one. You will learn about the details of the framework and implementation tactics.


SEC337 – Toyota Motor North America: Securing the cloud with AWS KMS

Toyota Motor North America needs to analyze billions of messages every day, and it uses AWS Key Management Service to do it. In this session, you will learn how your organization can use this.


GAM302 – How CAPCOM builds fun games fast with containers, data, and ML

This session is a must-attend for video game fans. Here the CAPCOM team will be premiering a brand-new mobile game being developed with AWS managed database services as well as machine learning.


Check out our services to learn how we use AWS to help our customers. We hope to see you in Vegas!


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