CloudHesive Simplifies Amazon Connect for Customer Support


Simplify Amazon Connect with CloudHesive

If you’re in the market for a complete customer support solution, look no further than Amazon Connect. It provides the tools to organize and streamline your customer support organization easily, quickly, and cost-effectively. CloudHesive brings guidance, support, and management for the cloud-based Amazon Connect system. 

Why would you need support? Although Amazon Connect has all the features you need, creating a strategy, planning, configuring all the tools you need, deploying, and maintaining the service is resource-intensive. 

This guide explains the value of a partnership between your business, Amazon Connect, and CloudHesive to deliver optimal value for customer support.

Key Takeaways: 
What role does CloudHesive play in an Amazon Connect implementation? 
Learn the benefits of developing a business partnership with CloudHesive and Amazon Connect. 
How does CloudHesive simplify Amazon Connect?
Discover how simple and cost-effective leveling up your customer support team can be.

Understanding Amazon Connect and CloudHesiv

Amazon Connect for customer support creates an unbeatable omnichannel customer support center. With Amazon Connect, customer support agents have a unified experience with customers whether they communicate over the phone, chat, email, or text. 

Amazon Connect includes the following features for building a customer support center:

  • Telephony
  • Web and mobile messaging
  • Task assignments
  • Routing maps and profiles
  • Agent queues
    • Priority
    • Standard
  • Service flows 

You can create and configure each desired feature to create an integrated single tool experience for agents and service managers. Managers can monitor agent performance directly without interfering or delaying a contact. Agents and managers can ask for assistance with the click of a button and get the help they need to provide accurate and effective customer service. 

Imagine one tool that organizes the entire customer support team in a single cost-effective, cloud-based interface. Your team collaboration goals will finally be met with ease! So, if Amazon Connect is such a wonderful customer support tool, why do you need a managed services provider (MSP) like CloudHesive to make it work?

MSPs like CloudHesive provide the technical resources necessary to take full advantage of the Amazon Connect toolset. Let’s use dual-channel call recording as an example. Amazon Connect provides recordings for all the communication channels you configure. These recordings allow you to transcribe each channel and then use Amazon Comprehend to determine call sentiment. 

To fully leverage the power of the tool, a technical resource with expertise provides the guidance and ability to correctly develop and customize the tool to your specific business needs. 

CloudHesive can provide Amazon Web Services (AWS) expertise for a fraction of the cost of a single technical resource. Additionally, CloudHesive can help your support team build, deploy, train, and maintain the customer support center you create. 

The benefits of Amazon Connect and CloudHesive partnership

Assistance with Amazon Connect isn’t required, but it will speed up the process of deploying the customer support tool you need the first time. Additionally, assisting with technical features helps the support team stay focused on customers rather than trying to perform maintenance or other technical duties. 

Building a business partnership with CloudHesive means you’ll have the expertise and experience needed to create your optimal customer support organization. A CloudHesive partnership includes assistance with Amazon Connect tool configuration as well as deployment. Additionally, CloudHesive can provide training and technical support whenever it’s needed. 

As a value-added service, CloudHesive provides its custom Centricity Platform. This platform manages all the operational functions of an Amazon Connect instance. 

The Centricity platform from CloudHesive provides:

  • Scalability management
  • Custom call dispositioning
  • Customized UI interface dashboards built for your team
  • Alerting
  • Reporting and analytics built specifically for your team
  • Custom wallboards for enhanced issue tracking
  • Data dashboards

CloudHesive is one of the first AWS premier partners to adopt the Amazon Connect platform. At CloudHesive, we focus on helping customers get the most from digital systems. CloudHesive has the development and engineering teams you need to create a customized customer support solution for your team. 

Amazon Connect features simplified by CloudHesive

CloudHesive simplifies Amazon Connect by:

  • Working with you to create your dream of an organized, collaborative customer support group from design and strategy to deployment and training.
  • Integrating your existing CRM systems and databases with Amazon Connect.
  • Creating a fully multi-channel support tool that works reliably and economically.
  • Enabling automatic call routing paths and flows to match customers to the right agent. 

CloudHesive optimizes Amazon Connect to provide call center optimization for both customers and employees. Businesses deliver exceptional customer service and build their brand through cost-effective customer retention. Amazon Connect provides the features, while CloudHesive delivers a fully managed experience that optimizes support team performance. 

CloudHesive can help configure the CCP (Contact Control Panel) to enable:

  • Task management
  • Customer data profiles
  • Knowledge assistance
  • Scheduling
  • Call summaries
  • Speech and content sentiment analysis
  • IVR (interactive voice response) features
  • Reporting and analytics for decision-making and improvements. 

Customer support teams can also optimize by automating other processes to simplify service. Customer profiles, for example, can be pulled from integrated business applications or CRMs like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk. CloudHesive can assist in developing effective integrations with tools and data to keep all data secure while still being accessible from the customer support dashboard. 

Using built-in reporting and analytics tools, businesses can identify and remove pain points within customer interactions. The more consistent, fast, and accurate the service, the more satisfied the customer. 

Seamless Deployment with CloudHesive Expertise

The powerful combination of Amazon Connect and CloudHesive provides business optimization for the full customer support team. CloudHesive helps by creating customizations that work for your business while keeping data secure and regulatory requirements met. 

Benefits of using CloudHesive to manage an Amazon Connect deployment include:

  • Fast application deployment that works the first time.
  • Development of integrations with existing tools in your system.
  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency of tool configuration and security. 
  • Support team training and system maintenance.  
  • Fully supported, maintained, and connected access to information for agents, managers, and customers. 

Amazon Connect provides support for the deployment of its tools and services. However, you need the technical expertise to follow the instructions and set up computer instances, databases, and resources. It’s possible, but it’s much simpler and less time-consuming to partner with the experienced AWS team at CloudHesive. 

Are you ready to level up your customer support?

Amazon Connect provides a cost-effective and secure cloud option for managing call center operations and improving customer service levels. Agents and managers work collaboratively using a single UI dashboard. The single-tool interface provides access to all necessary functions and additional support for finding accurate answers quickly and effectively. 

Amazon Connect and CloudHesive partnership provides a business with full support to create and deploy a working customer support solution. Not only can CloudHesive help you plan a strategy, but we can also provide the technical resources to properly configure all the AWS tools you need to create an exceptional customer support team. 

As an Amazon Managed Services partner and Amazon Premier Partner, CloudHesive helps any organization experience the benefits and power of Amazon Connect to improve customer satisfaction through consistent and personalized customer service. 

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