Data and the Media: How Machine Learning Helps You Connect to Your Audience


Getting the right content to the right audience at the right time is a problem AI can solve for your brand

AI and machine learning can’t do our thinking for us. What machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can do for us is to take the drudgery out of sifting through the ever-growing mounds of data. By doing so, they can establish connections and detect patterns that would escape the keenest of human eyes. They find all the needles in a field of haystacks and see the best use for them.

It was only a matter of time before these unique capabilities of machine learning were brought to bear on the task of analyzing the gargantuan amounts of marketing data collected every hour of every day. This particular rise of the machines is helping the media and their audiences connect in new ways that are more meaningful – and profitable.

Machine learning and AI have a hand in most of our media experiences

AI can move beyond the simple act of putting the right content in front of the most receptive audience. As it learns and brings forward more in-depth knowledge about potential audiences and their behavior, it continues to have more impact on how audiences discover new artists, actors, songs, and short- and long-form video programming. Insights gleaned from audience behavior inform the entire process of media curation, content production, and distribution. These collective influences alter the very experience of media itself – and they can be meaningful for your own business ventures.

AI is serving all of us content behind the scenes

Machine learning has been informing media recommendations for a good long while now. When you finish watching a movie on Amazon Prime, you immediately get a recommendation based on what the AI believes you may be interested in seeing next, based upon a variety of factors.

For instance, AI considers the genre of film you just watched; if you just finished Terminator 2, it calculates that you may be up for another action flick or a dystopian drama. Probably not Driving Miss Daisy. Related videos that are on sale may enter the picture; perhaps Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is offered at a discounted price to encourage purchase.

The new Apple TV+ offers enhanced opportunities for Apple – which makes it a point of difference that the company does not sell user data – to use that data to promote media among its existing properties. Viewers of their new drama The Morning Show might be served up recommendations for the show’s soundtrack on Apple Music, encouraging Apple Music trials and subscriptions.

Apple can also use data from their Apple News app to recommend The Morning Show to readers of relevant articles. Indeed, any readers following the fall from grace of Matt Lauer in print would be prime prospects for The Morning Show.

AI and machine learning know us better than we’d like to admit

Many of today’s online media platforms give users the ability to self-select preferences for what kind of media we’d like to be presented with. We might, for instance, tell sources like the previously mentioned Apple News that we like political commentary, world news, and articles from National Geographic. Then again, when we’re served up pieces according to these selections, we somehow end up falling into some BuzzFeed cat-video or “25 of the cutest ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ you can get on Amazon” black hole from which it takes us a half-hour to emerge.

Chances are, those black holes will become more frequent. AI knows. And you can use what it knows to boost your content.

Use the power of AI and ML to connect your content with the right audience

Content creators and distributors: You need to harness the power of machine learning and AI to find and develop an audience for your content. Chances are you have data in your possession that isn’t being put to work – mailing lists, social media audiences across all your platforms, YouTube subscribers. CloudHesive can help you build a cloud-based audience intelligence engine.

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools such as Amazon SageMakerAmazon ForecastAmazon Rekognition, and Amazon Elastic Inference, you can exploit the data you have and help connect to additional data that will fill in the blanks. It can change the way you create, produce, and distribute your content, perhaps resulting in new business models along the way. Learn more by getting in touch with CloudHesive at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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