Don’t Let These DevOps Myths Hold You Back from Implementation


Apr 18, 2018

Stop delaying the process of implementing DevOps methodologies because you’re afraid of things that simply aren’t true

There is a bit of confusion surrounding DevOps, which has caused some companies to wonder if they can reap the benefits of its methodologies. But in its simplest form, it’s a highly-beneficial software engineering practice that is meant to ensure and streamline collaboration between software development and operations teams.

Common DevOps myths that shouldn’t discourage you

Because of the complexity of DevOps, a number of misconceptions have emerged that can cloud the benefits. Here are some common myths and why they’re not accurate:

1. There’s no direct customer value for adopting DevOps – Some may argue that DevOps only benefits IT administrators and developers and doesn’t help external customers. The reality is that the primary goal of DevOps is to deliver better products to customers, which ultimately leads to more business.

Speed is another important aspect of DevOps, making creating, testing, and releasing software faster – ultimately delivering more software and features to customers at a quicker pace.

2. It’s difficult to have a return on investment after implementing DevOps practices – While you may think that your old legacy applications cannot benefit from DevOps, you’re likely mistaken. DevOps allows you to leverage these existing apps and possibly migrate to new applications that can improve the productivity of your entire organization.

This increase in productivity coupled with the your team members getting back to driving business goals (as opposed to managing aging and broken systems) can be very valuable and quantifiable.

3. DevOps makes compliance more difficult – Companies that operate in highly-regulated industries often have a number of strict policies and processes in place to stay compliant with various requirements. DevOps doesn’t hinder security and compliance, it’s actually meant to help in these areas.

A 2016 State of DevOps Report shows that organizations that have enacted DevOps initiatives typically spend 50% less time dealing with security issues than lower-performing organizations.

4. We don’t need DevOps – If your organization seems to be doing well, you may not see any reason to adopt DevOps practices. However, regardless of how well you’re performing, there’s always room for improvement. Every organization could function at a higher level.

DevOps can help. Discovery is a key aspect of DevOps, and during this process, you’ll likely find certain workflows or processes that can either be automated or eliminated – and in turn boost productivity.

5. DevOps is only ideal for startups or massive tech innovators – Typically when you hear the term DevOps, you’ll hear it attached to cutting-edge companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google. But the main goal of DevOps is to improve the way all teams work together to build better software that meets the needs of customers.

Established companies may actually have more to gain from DevOps than startups or leading tech innovators – as they have ingrained legacy applications and processes that can benefit greatly from automation and revision.

6. We don’t have time to implement DevOps – As is the case with almost any new technology, some companies are hesitant to implement a new tool or process simply because of the perceived time it will take to get up and running. This can be a shortsighted outlook, especially when DevOps methodologies can significantly automate or eliminate areas of your business that may be costing you significant resources.

While the initial investment of implementing DevOps can be intimidating, the payoff is worth it in the sense that you should have more time to invest in areas of your business that can lead to further growth. And if you truly don’t have the time, you can partner with a company that offers turn-key DevOps as a Service.

Leverage the benefits of DevOps – without all the headaches – by partnering with CloudHesive

It’s very possible that your organization, regardless of industry, could benefit greatly from DevOps. CloudHesive can become your DevOps team by helping you identify and improve how quickly you can code, test, and release software.

To speak with one of our experts about how DevOps as a Service may be beneficial for your company, feel free to contact us at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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