Encryption as a Service (EaaS) Can Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture


Encryption renders data useless – even if hackers can get to it

Whether your organization is subject to stringent cybersecurity regulatory requirements or you’re simply looking to strengthen your security, encryption is an effective way to protect sensitive data – both at rest and while in transit.

The problem for many organizations is that they’re unsure of how to properly encrypt all of the data that resides on their machines, servers, and in the cloud. With encryption as a service, companies can turn over the complexity of data encryption to a team of experts.

Encryption as a Service explained

When it comes to encryption, most organizations are primarily worried about encrypting data when it is in transit. While this is extremely important, too often companies neglect to think about encrypting data while it’s at rest. Without encryption at rest, hackers will literally have the keys to the kingdom if they are able to infiltrate your organization’s network.

Encryption as a service ensures the data is always encrypted; even if hackers are able to compromise your network, all they’ll get is indecipherable information.

Encryption as a service simply involves working with a third-party provider to assist in installing and overseeing the necessary tools to ensure that all the data is properly encrypted.

What to look for in an Encryption as a Service (EaaS) provider

Regardless of whether you own your own servers or work with one of the major cloud providers, it’s critical that the encryption-as-a-service provider that you choose is “solution agnostic.” This simply means that regardless of the platform that you are using to store your data, your provider will still be able to provide encryption technologies.

CloudHesive has partnered with Vormetric, which offers a robust platform that can handle data regardless of how or where it’s stored. Vormetric is a major player in the security, encryption, and tokenization of all types of business data.

With some EaaS providers, you’ll be stuck using whatever platforms they recommend. A solution-agnostic provider ensures you will stay properly encrypted whatever you use – even as your business grows and your needs (and solutions) change.

Data breaches continue to make headlines

It’s hard to go more than a week or two without hearing about another large data breach. Many of these incidents could have been prevented or mitigated with more robust encryption measures. With more than 8,800 data breaches reported since 2005 – when the Identity Theft Resource Center first began tracking – it’s only a matter of time before most organizations are affected.

Proper encryption procedures offer additional protection that can protect your customer’s data even if a data breach were to occur. Hackers may somehow get to it, but they won’t be able to use it.

Multi-factor authentication offers additional security

Aside from having robust data encryption processes in place, it’s also important to harden your user-authentication methods. Today’s companies should utilize multi-factor authentication as a way to help prevent hackers from infiltrating their networks in the first place.

Multi-factor authentication forces users to log in with something they know such as a username, and something they have (like an SMS message via a mobile phone). This additional layer of protection in tandem with encryption as a service can greatly improve your security posture.

Ensure your data is always protected with encryption as a service from CloudHesive

At CloudHesive, the security of your data is our business. We’re constantly hardening our encryption procedures and tools to ensure that they protect our customers. To learn more about our encryption-as-a-service offerings, reach out to our team at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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