Here Are Some Major IT Headaches to Leave to Next Generation Managed Services


Sep 18, 2019

The cloud is an amazing innovation for IT departments, but do you have the skills needed to manage it?

IT departments in large-scale enterprises are complex undertakings. The scope of the challenge involved is not to be taken lightly. A concerted effort is required to keep the cloud running at optimal performance levels.

 As customers migrate their IT functions to the cloud in ever-increasing numbers, many are finding that their staffs need help and time to develop the required Amazon Web Services (AWS) skill set and get up to speed. Next-Generation Managed Services from CloudHesive can run a company’s AWS cloud, providing a secure operating environment and day-in, day-out infrastructure management.

However, the advantages of Next-Generation Managed Services go further than just keeping the works running. Here are some of the possible head-scratchers that CloudHesive will handle as well.

Migrating to the cloud can be easier and faster

If there is one thing that keeps organizations from making the leap to a cloud IT infrastructure, it’s the seemingly daunting nature of cloud migration. However, with the aid of Next-Generation Managed Services, companies can migrate with confidence and on a reliable schedule. An enterprise migration is usually a one-time process. Having a partner with the experience of having managed many migrations makes the process predictable and minimizes concern.

Handling compliance and security challenges

CloudHesive puts a process in place to extend a company’s security, identity, and compliance environment to the cloud. This includes Active Directory integration and mapping compliance certification for HIPAA, GDPR, SOC, NIST, ISO, and PCI. Next-Generation Managed Services ensures that corporate and security infrastructure policies are enforced, and it enables the development of solutions and applications using the preferred development approach.

Incident monitoring and resolution

Next-Generation Managed Services continuously monitors incidents, whether detected by its systems or reported by customers. CloudHesive requires that engineers investigate and resolve reported incidents automatically or manually, as needed.

Change implementation and control

Changes to the installed platform originate with a Request for Change (RFC). Next-Generation Managed services applies changes in a sequential, orderly fashion, executing them in such a way as to take individual functions offline for as short a time as possible to maintain the integrity of the overall operating environment.

Keeping software patches current

Next-Generation Managed Services takes care of patches and updates for the operating environment, including patches and updates for OS (Windows and Linux) infrastructure apps like SSH, RDP, ISS, and Apache. CloudHesive stays on top of these and makes sure systems and software are running the latest compatible versions available.

Security and access

Next-Generation Managed Services maintains all approved third-party applications and is always on the lookout for code breaches, viruses, and malware. CloudHesive makes extensive use of EC2 security groups and manages controlled, time-limited access to production assets.

Maintaining backups and data restoration

Next-Generation Managed Services maintains an orderly sequence of continually tested, redundant incremental backups kept to ensure rapid restoration of data should a failure occur.

Let Next Generation Managed Services from CloudHesive keep your cloud running smoothly

CloudHesive makes migrating to the cloud a predictable, orderly process. Next-Generation Managed Services brings experience and expertise to bear on the thorniest issues that come up during migration to complete the process on time and on budget. Once your cloud is up and running, Next Generation Managed Services remains ever vigilant – protecting the platform, the operating environment, and the data within.

With CloudHesive’s experienced staff and systems making the cloud safe for your enterprise, your IT staff can do what they do best, enabling your team to do their best work and move your organization forward. Learn more about Next Generation Managed Services by getting in touch with CloudHesive at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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