How Next Generation Managed Services Can Accelerate Your Pace of Innovation


Let CloudHesive sweep obstacles to innovation out of the way by letting your development team work from a secure, reliable platform

Enterprise DevOps is nothing more than the coming together of current development best practices and IT process frameworks. This way, teams can develop applications and improve workflow while maintaining security, governance, and compliance control.

CloudHesive’s Next Generation Managed Services promotes enterprise DevOps by arranging Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) in a development platform that is secure, compliant, and works with most enterprise workloads. All this gives engineers the safe, reliable environment they need to kick innovation up a notch.

Next-Generation Managed Services helps implement new tech solutions quicker and less expensively

Next-Generation Managed Services will enhance your DevOps capacity in two key areas:

  • Operational management of your DevOps tools, activities such as install/upgrade, configuration, backup/restore of data, performance, and security.
  • Operational control of the underlying computing, storage, and network resources.

These two key benefits simplify the process of application upgrades and enhancements. Next-Generation Managed Services and the nature of cloud computing allows automated DevOps to flourish with a standard platform for testing, production, and deployment. Unlike the discrete IT infrastructures of the past, the cloud solves the issues associated with the complexity of distribution.

Hosting DevOps in the cloud also mitigates the need to account for the resources leveraged in the development process. Unlike legacy IT systems that don’t do this, cloud infrastructures manage the use of resources automatically, and it’s much easier to keep track of resources in use and adjust accordingly.

DevOps with Next Generation Managed Services helps teams identify process areas that are marginal to correct and enhance the errant code and provide feedback for ongoing improvement. Code-scanning detection also helps point out weak points in the code – anomalous sections and lines needing improvement – making the quality assurance process simpler. With fewer errors to correct, production proceeds more quickly, placing fewer demands on contributors, including testing requirements and the infrastructure they employ to produce and deliver applications and upgrades to their end-users.

So, what does all this really mean?

Here’s what we’re getting at: DevOps supported by Next Generation Managed Services from CloudHesive makes bringing the latest enhancements to an existing code base easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before. That incredibly critical application that runs, say, an entire reservation system? The one that everyone complains about how it’s “clunky and slow” but that without it no one can do their job? It can be made better and faster, and sooner than anyone expects, because of a more straightforward, more adaptive development process that dynamically adjusts the cloud environment to better suit the ongoing code changes.

So, development engineers can focus on better code for an improved app and not worry that the next revision is going to bring down the works because it drew too many resources.

Fewer demands and worries on the engineers means they’re more productive. More productive engineers means IT capabilities grow faster and more cost- and resource-effectively than ever. Somewhere along the line, the CIO gets the reputation of being a “miracle-worker.” The CEO announces bonuses. (It’s clear where this is going, right?)

Get the DevOps revolution going with Next Generation Managed Services from CloudHesive

Turbocharge your rate of innovation and harness all of the potential of the cloud. DevOps with all the support of Next-Generation Managed Services is what DevOps should always have been. See how much more productive your IT team can be when you take the training wheels off. Learn more about Next Generation Managed Services today by getting in touch with CloudHesive at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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