Improve Security and Compliance with Next Generation Managed Services


Cloud computing offers great advantages, but it also creates security and compliance challenges

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. A single cloud-security episode, often the result of an incorrectly managed cloud-compliance strategy, sends an organization into a full-power dive toward legal fees, angry customers, and a maelstrom of critical blog posts and snide tweets. Then – in close succession – come disgruntled investors, internal investigations, the identifying of scapegoats, and the sacking of same.

These greatest hits should be familiar:

  • Accenture: Leaves four AWS S3 buckets unsecured, exposing 137 Gb of data.
  • Verizon: A badly configured AWS S3 bucket exposes account details, including passwords, of millions of customers.
  • Republican National Committee: The personal details of nearly 200 million American voters were exposed by a security flaw on yet another AWS S3 bucket.

Clearly no one is immune to cloud-security pitfalls. With some of the highest-profile organizations imaginable falling prey to security breaches, faux pas, and snafus, it makes little sense to take on an IT shift of such magnitude without a set of steady, experienced hands at the helm.

Migrating to a private cloud is no time to go it alone

As companies move toward adopting the cloud-computing model for their IT infrastructure, many find they need more cloud-specific skill sets than they have on board. CloudHesive’s Next Generation Managed Services runs the private cloud for an organization, providing a compliant and secure environment, ongoing cost-effectiveness optimizing, and day-in, day-out management of the infrastructure.

Next Generation Managed Services reduces risk and overhead by putting best-practices in place to maintain and police the private cloud environment. CloudHesive automates activities such as change requests, patch management, security and backup routines, and complete top-to-bottom services for provisioning, running and supporting the private cloud.

With our dedicated cloud-security and compliance team, CloudHesive will design a plan for your organization’s specific compliance and security requirements. Next Generation Managed Services makes sure your organization does not run afoul of the myriad security threat vectors and the many regulatory standards that must be satisfied.

Let Next Generation Managed Services put together the security and compliance puzzle

Migrating to a private cloud involves transitioning from and managing extensive processing workloads outside of a conventional IT infrastructure, all while dealing with cloud security and compliance challenges. Next Generation Managed Services solves the puzzle by implementing procedures to continuously monitor security and compliance requirements, such as:

  • Providing a step-by-step process for extending the company’s security, identity, and compliance perimeter to the cloud.
  • Continuous monitoring of adherence to cloud compliance requirements and facilitating visibility of this information through dedicated dashboards.
  • Proactive risk management – formulating and deploying set procedures and protocols for when possible breaches of security or compliance are detected.
  • Risk management identifies and addresses possible third-party threats to cloud security and compliance.
  • Assessing gaps or weaknesses in the security of the private cloud and taking steps to address them.
  • Making sure that managed cloud environments are continuously synchronized and updated to comply with current regulatory standards.
  • Managing the critical tasks of active directory integration and compliance-certification mapping (HIPAA, GDPR, SOC, NIST, ISO, PCI).
  • Rigorous procedures and controls help to enforce corporate and security infrastructure policies and enable companies to develop solutions and applications using their preferred development approach.

Avoid bad press with Next Generation Managed Services from CloudHesive

Don’t trend on Twitter for all the wrong reasons and become a cautionary tale. Depend on Next-Generation Managed Services when migrating to a private cloud IT infrastructure. Let CloudHesive remove the burden of maintaining and protecting your private cloud infrastructure off of your metaphorical shoulders. Then see how much more effective you can be when you focus your bandwidth on taking your enterprise forward. Learn more about Next Generation Managed Services today by getting in touch with CloudHesive at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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