A List of Top DevOps Blogs to Boost Learning for You and Your Team


Apr 11, 2018

Here are our 10 top DevOps blogs that you should bookmark

At CloudHesive, we’re constantly on the lookout for new DevOps resources to not only boost our own knowledge but to better educate our customers as well.

We’ve put together a list of DevOps blogs that offer a wide array of information regardless of your level of knowledge. Feel free to reach out if you’re aware of a blog that we missed that’s been helpful to you and your team.

Our list of the best DevOps blogs

  1. DevOps CubeThis blog offers a range of DevOps tutorials, examples, tips, and much more. You’ll also find in-depth articles detailing popular DevOps tools like Jenkins, Dockers, Google Cloud, and others.
  2. DevOps.comIf you’re looking for a robust resource for all things DevOps, you can’t go wrong with DevOps.com. This site has created a true DevOps community complete with product reviews, news, best practices, events, case studies, and much more. In addition, DevOps.com also publishes a weekly podcast which is full of insightful information.
  3. Atlassian DevOps blogAtlassian is the creator of many products including Bitbucket, JIRA, Confluence, and Trello. This blog covers topics that run the gamut of the entire DevOps ecosystem; everything from compliance issues to popular DevOps tools.
  4. InfoworldThis resource is an online magazine that covers a wide array of topics including DevOps. Infoworld has been in existence for several decades and offers easy-to-comprehend guides.
  5. Stackify DevOps– This blog is geared towards developers who are looking to learn more about .NET and how it relates to DevOps. Career advise and resources are also covered for DevOps engineers, CIOs, CTOs, and software developers.
  6. TechTarget DevOps– This section of the TechTarget site features DevOps articles written by experts all over the world.
  7. DevOps guys– This blog is more focused on DevOps culture and how organizations can better embrace the mechanics of DevOps. It offers a mix of tools and best practices combined with a bit of humor.
  8. Apiumhub Tech blog– This blog features many different topics, some of which are related to DevOps. Articles include information about various DevOps tools, as well as automation, Docker, Jenkins, Continuous integration, and much more.
  9. Docker blog– If you’re not familiar with Docker, it’s a Container as a Service (CaaS) tool; the company publishes a robust blog that often includes DevOps tips and tools. Most of the topics relate to Docker itself, making it especially valuable for users of this platform.
  10. DZone DevOpsDZone is a tech news site that publishes a number of posts each day on all types of IT topics, including DevOps. They have a dedicated DevOps section with a host of useful resources.

Interested in learning more about how DevOps can transform your organization?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the top DevOps blogs, but if you’re still unsure of whether your organization can benefit from DevOps, feel free to reach out to our team today. We can show you how some of our clients have begun to use DevOps best practices and tools to shrink their release times and improve the quality of their software.

Give us a call today at 800-860-2040 to learn more about our own DevOps as a Service offering.

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