Live Long & Prosper With Cloud Storage


How Cloud Storage Pricing is Helping Companies Prosper

Many small, medium, and larger businesses have migrated their IT networks in recent years to cloud-based computing options. This is for very good reasons – businesses utilizing cloud services gain a number of benefits, not the least of which is money saving via the assurance of adequate backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity. And, cloud computing is also helping in the cost-cutting department in a number of other ways, which we will examine.

Perform a Data “House Cleaning”

Cloud StorageIn order to cut cloud storage costs, you will want to perform an evaluation and data storage house cleaning, which focuses on:

  • A by-department file storage allocation analysis
  • Discovery of what types of files are being stored – is there any misuse of storage space?
  • What is the by-file data access need, and are you spending more for fast retrieval than it’s actually using?

Access Control and Data Retention

You will also want to make sure your access groups are clearly defined, organized properly, and that permissions aren’t being granted to parties who have no inherent need for it. Studies show that companies polled in a recent study showed 62% of employees have access to data and saving to cloud storage which they should not. Another good tip is to archive the data you don’t need immediate access to; consolidate multiple files if you can do it, and have a deletion policy in effect that’s standardized, i.e. discard files after 5, 7, or 10 years of disuse, for instance.

Cloud Pricing

You can cherry-pick the particular features and applications you want in cloud storage and computing options. Understanding your needs, based on the above recommendations, will get you that much further down the road to common sense solutions for your cloud services needs, and thus, more savings in the short and long run.

Act Now and Save More

Cloud computing and storage costs are currently on the rise, due to the huge increase in demand, even though they can end up saving you money. Acting right now to secure your company cloud-based storage options will save you money in the long run, for multiple reasons. Waiting until disaster strikes via cost-cutting procrastination in the short-term will spell financial and data loss disaster down the road, should it strike.

Ask the IT Experts

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