Make Blue-Sky IT Projects a Reality With Next Generation Managed Services on

Make Blue-Sky IT Projects a Reality With Next Generation Managed Services


Check those “if only” IT projects off the list with the support of Next Generation Managed Services

If you’re one of CloudHesive’s legion of Next Generation Managed Services clients, congratulations. You’ve made sure your cloud-migrated IT infrastructure is administered around the clock and positioned your organization to take full advantage of the cloud’s security, adaptability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Kudos for securing all of the benefits of a comprehensive managed cloud-computing solution. But if your new cloud environment just saves you some money and makes it easier to maintain your IT status quo, well, that’s like buying a Tesla simply to save money on gasoline.

Now it’s time to explore all the cloud can do

A blue-sky project, whether a database upgrade and data migration or the creation of a bespoke application that will be used to manage an entire enterprise, often begins with a new development environment. These sorts of environments allow new software to be written in a space that provides access to programmers and interested stakeholders while isolating the new application from the existing, running codebase. This is where cloud infrastructure shines – providing secure environments that encourage further development.

Next Generation Managed Services has the ability to make powerful yet fully controlled changes to IT infrastructure. They enhance the environment with powerful new capabilities while maintaining strict adherence to required security and compliance protocols. All changes are configured, approved, and automated through Next Generation Managed Services’ approval engine, with self-service access to all the parameters and settings needed to configure the access and capabilities required.

Configuring something as complex as an Amazon Web Service (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance (Virtual Computing Environment) becomes a simple matter. Use the approval engine to:

  • Choose preconfigured templates, known as Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), to base the instance on
  • Set up various configurations of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity for the instance
  • Secure login information for instances using key pairs
  • Arrange for instance storage volumes for temporary data that’s deleted when the instance is stopped or terminated
  • Choose a firewall that enables specification of protocols, ports, and source IP ranges that can reach instances using security groups
  • Set up static IPv4 addresses for dynamic cloud computing, known as Elastic IP addresses
  • Create virtual networks that are logically isolated from the rest of the AWS cloud and that can optionally connect to an existing network

The approval engine makes sure all selections are compatible and that any configured EC2 instance is free from settings conflicts that will cause instances to be unstable and prone to failure.

The approval engine will also allow easy modification of RDS database configuration settings and other permissions and security parameters. Next Generation Managed Services enables operators to quickly and easily make the requests through a dedicated self-service console, while ensuring that any changed settings won’t pose a threat to the overall cloud computing environment.

Next Generation Managed Services secures the cloud and makes giant leaps possible

CloudHesive makes cloud computing as simple as the hype would have you believe. Next Generation Managed Services delivers an always-accessible network and freedom from nagging worries about the next infrastructure challenge to come down the line. Be able to move forward with planned IT upgrades and enhancements on the wish list – both on time and on budget – because IT staff no longer have to be on call to deal with random connectivity issues and situations best handled by a help desk. One can be secure in the knowledge that the public cloud infrastructure is safe, compliant, and under continuous monitoring.

Learn more about how Next Generation Managed Services can make blue-sky projects a reality by simply freeing up the resources that can finally make them happen. Get in touch with CloudHesive today at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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