Managed Services for Amazon Connect and AWS Infrastructure


Is your business looking to improve contact center management and customer service? Here is how managed service for Amazon Connect and AWS Infrastructure can help you achieve this and more 


Studies show that 84% of organizations striving to improve customer service report a massive rise in revenue, and 96% of consumers claim that their loyalty is primarily based on the quality of customer service.

In today’s competitive business environment, excellent customer service fosters customer loyalty and drives long-term success. And while there are many tools you can use to this end, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the most comprehensive and robust solutions worth exploring. 

For instance, Amazon Connect on AWS has emerged as an innovative solution enabling businesses to set up their own on-premises customer contact centers and revolutionize their interactions with customers. Through these cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading practices, companies can benefit from the affordability and flexibility that traditional contact centers have failed to meet. 

Even better, with managed service for Amazon Connect and AWS infrastructure, businesses can unleash the full potential of customer contact centers, improve the customer experience, and drive growth.

But what is Connect on AWS? Is it worth it? Can it transform customer contact center management ? Here is everything you need to know.

What Is Connect on AWS?

Connect is a cloud-based contact center management tool that Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides. Its goal is to simplify and streamline the setup and management of customer contact centers. With Connect on AWS, organizations can access tools to deliver high-quality customer service experience – all without complex infrastructure or upfront investment. 

In addition, it offers features like real-time metrics and analytics, call recording, interactive voice response (IVR), and intelligent routing. Amazon Connect can also integrate easily with other AWS services and third-party applications, making it a powerful game-changer for contact center management. 

Since Connect leverages the power of AWS infrastructure and services, it guarantees scalability, high availability, and global reach, enabling organizations to adapt better and expand their contact center operations.

What are the benefits of Amazon Connect?

Is adopting Amazon Connect worth it? Discover the answer by exploring the benefits of Amazon Connect discussed below.

1. Cost-friendliness

Every business owner aims to reduce expenses while maximizing returns, and that is precisely what you get with Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect has the potential to save up to 80% of operational costs compared to traditional contact centers.

First, the services are billed per usage, meaning you won’t have to worry about spending money on a service you may never use, especially if you run a seasonal company. Amazon Connect does not feature long-term contracts, upfront license fees, or minimum monthly fees/

Finally, Amazon Connect’s cost is not determined by agent seats, peak season, or maintenance – you will only spend based on your budget or organization’s capability.

2. Scalability

Every business must anticipate growth and position itself to transition smoothly to the new phase. Amazon Connect allows enterprises to scale their contact centers in case of expansion or the need to hire more agents arises. 

3. Fast services

Amazon Connect leverages AI technology and Machine Learning (ML) to answer users’ concerns instantly. Also, the technology allows you to personalize messages, which is a great way to make customers feel valued rather than sending generic answers to all inquiries.

4. Super easy to use

You don’t have to be a contact center guru to operate Amazon Connect. In just a few clicks, your omnichannel will be ready to use, and your agents can easily start contacting each other or customers via calls and messages.

How Connect impacts customer contact center management

Here is how Amazon Connect can enhance better customer contact center management.

1. Guaranteed availability

A significant part of running a successful call center depends on the availability of representatives to resolve customer issues. Otherwise, the workload increases for the team members who already have too much on their plate. 

Consequently, the issue makes the agents feel overwhelmed and underappreciated, not forgetting that customers may be forced to wait too long for their problems to be resolved.

Amazon Connect eliminates this problem through automatic responses, so you don’t necessarily need present agents 24/7.

2. Boosts accuracy

Another significant challenge in customer contact center management is accuracy. With Amazon Connect, organizations will have a single User Interface, letting them create voices, manage contact routing, and analyze tasks across different channels.

Furthermore, all Amazon Connect features are managed via a Contact Control Panel, allowing agents to transfer or receive calls much more easily. Managers can also use the UI to prioritize tasks and automate tasks that don’t necessarily require agents’ interactions.

The interface allows brands to put customer data from various applications together, and with real-time and historical analytics, there are no chances of errors.

3. Improved contact flow

The quality of customer service depends on their experience from the start to the end. So, by analyzing and tracking these critical metrics, contact center managers can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, input, and queue transfers. In return, these data can be used to create personalized experiences for each customer.

With contact flow, it is also possible to transform text to speech, customize pronunciation, and route calls based on agent skills and call priority. That means assigning agents a routing profile to suit their expertise becomes even easier.

Achieve exceptional customer service with CloudHesive.

Amazon Connect offers several advantages over traditional contact center systems. For example, the pay-as-you-go pricing model is cost-effective and does not need significant up-front investment. 

As a cloud-based infrastructure, Amazon Connect is scalable, flexible, and customizable, allowing businesses to plan for their contact center requirements as needed. Its integration abilities guarantee ease of deployment with significantly reduced complexities and improved operational efficiency. 

If you want to adopt Amazon Connect in your organization and enjoy these perks, consider partnering with a managed service provider like CloudHesive. With our managed service for Amazon Connect and AWS infrastructure, you can rely on us to handle the technical aspects of the implementation process -from provisioning and configuration to ongoing maintenance. 

Our support team is focused, trained, and certified on AWS and will offer custom-designed cloud-native tools, all while you focus on core business operations. Our experts also have what it takes to offer the best possible managed services and managed security services for your contact center needs. 

Contact us for more information!

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