New-Services-from-AWS-This-Month-Copy-1024x683While AWS continues to grow across the world – they’re in 190 countries so far – the cloud services vendor also continues to expand its offerings. If you’re an AWS customer, you already know the value of the trusted AWS platform, but what you may not know is that there are new capabilities you can capitalize on to make your cloud services even more valuable.

Budgets: Managing your AWS costs has just gotten easier and more streamlined

Budgets offers AWS users a simple way to manage fees and track how close costs are to exceeding the budget. It’s now possible to define a monthly budget for your AWS cloud costs and those related to a specific cost dimension like LinkedIn Account, tag, availability zone, purchase option and/or API operation.

With data pulled from Cost Explorer, you’re able to quickly see your estimated costs. It also predicts what your cost will be at the end of the month based on your usage.

You can create CloudWatch alarms and Amazon SNS notifications that will warn you if you go over your budgeted amount. When this happens, you’ll receive an email notification saying that you’ve gone over forecasted costs.

You can even set up a variety of budgets and specify different thresholds for each one. On the dashboard, you’ll see detailed data for each of your budgets, including dimensions, time range and more.

Cost Explorer: New forecasting capability allows you to estimate costs and view spending trends

Cost Explorer’s new forecasting capability allows you to estimate what your AWS costs will be and set budgets and alarms for the amounts that you’re predicted to use. Projections can be created for up to three months in the future.

With Forecasting, you can predict cumulative costs or specify any dimensions you wish to filter including Linked Account, Service, Tag, Availability Zone, Purchase Option and API Operation.

You can also see patterns in how much you spend on AWS resources over time, identify areas that need to be looked at more closely and see trends in spending to better understand your costs.

Making Developers’ Lives Easier

Manage your spending, create budgets, keep track of costs and predict what you’ll be spending in future months. New capabilities are continually being released within the AWS cloud platform; it’s just another way they help businesses maximize the benefits of cloud computing.