Replace Gazzang With the CloudHesive EaaS Platform



With Gazzang gradually phasing out support, it’s important to migrate to another EaaS platform as soon as possible—here’s why you should choose CloudHesive

After Gazzang was purchased by Cloudera, it was announced that the product is being added to their Hadoop product line and will no longer function as an independent encryption platform. Cloudera originally stated that the Gazzang product would not be supported after June 2015 but have recently updated this date to the end of September 2015, which means support for Gazzang has ended.

What should Gazzang customers do?

Since the Gazzang product is essentially going away, it’s important for companies to look for other encryption solutions. CloudHesive’s EaaS platform offers a more robust solution than Gazzang and we’ve already successfully migrated a number of customers from Gazzang onto our managed services platform.

Features of CloudHesive EaaS Platform

  • No capital costs: By working with a managed solution, your company does not have to invest in the expensive infrastructure required by an in-house encryption solution.
  • Compliance: Many of our clients are in highly regulated industries where compliance standards are incredibly strict. Using our EaaS platform will ensure that you can meet even the most stringent of compliance requirements.
  • Offsite key storage: Our EaaS platform allows encryption keys to be maintained outside of a company’s hosting provider’s domain on a clustered, highly available environment, which allows companies to maintain their own granular security policies.
  • No access to client data: By using our EaaS solution, no client data is ever accessed, further protecting your customer’s personal information.
  • Fault tolerance: Our Encryption as a Service solution features multiple data security managers that are deployed all across the globe.
  • Vendor agnostic: Our solution works with any managed hosting provider or even in your own data center.
  • Trusted by large companies: Our EaaS offering is trusted by a variety of Fortune 100 companies, proving it is a solution that is able to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.
  • Pay-as-you-go model: Our solution offers both a pay-as-you-go encryption and tokenization solution that is fully monitored and managed by our in-house data security team located in the US.

Don’t work with an unsupported platform. Let us help make your migration from Gazzang painless—contact CloudHesive today.

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