Secure Desktop Solutions Boost Productivity, Increase Security, and Save Money


Your company doesn’t have to be massive to enjoy the benefits of virtualization

If you are struggling to keep up with all of the necessary hardware and software updates for your computers, you are not alone. Today’s organizations with large numbers of desktops and laptops can spend significant IT resources ensuring these machines are not only protected from cyber-attacks but performing optimally as well.

Companies faced with maintaining numerous workstations are beginning to look at desktop virtualization as a solution. Virtualization provides the best of both worlds – convenience and the ability to adequately maintain advanced software and hardware.

What are secure desktop solutions?

Virtual desktops – also often referred to as secure desktop solutions – are simply machines that you access over the Internet. Everything that you normally access on a desktop computer is hosted in the cloud. This includes the hardware, software, operating system, and data, all of which are accessible from any machine or device.

Why secure virtual desktops are beneficial for many organizations

There are a number of key reasons why secure virtual desktops may be a good fit for your growing organization:

Less infrastructure to manage

With secure desktops solutions, your team can access their designated machines from anywhere. This means that they can log in to a virtual desktop from literally any machine or mobile device that is connected to the Internet.

This can allow you to manage much less in terms of computing and networking infrastructure –instead of investing in expensive desktop machines (with all the bells and whistles) for each employee, you can utilize inexpensive workstations which are nothing more than a physical connection to your network; the infrastructure resides in the cloud.

More economical

While the prices of computers have dropped significantly over the past few decades, companies still must allocate significant resources toward ensuring machines are up to date and working properly. This means regularly purchasing new machines to replace those that are outdated.

With virtual desktops, there is less worry about the lifecycle of your machines. You simply continue to use the machines in the cloud and they’ve updated automatically in the background – ensuring they can adapt to handle the workload of your company.

More robust security

With secure desktops, all of your data is housed in the cloud, typically in a highly secure data center. If you lose a mobile device or a computer is stolen, all of the data will still be protected.

Security is paramount in desktop virtualization, and vendors spend massive resources ensuring that their data centers are properly secured from cyber-attacks and other vulnerabilities. This level of security would be close to impossible for a small- to medium-size business to emulate.

Location independent – promotes remote work

According to Gallup, 40% of American workers spend some time working remotely. It’s vital to give your employees the tools they need to be productive, regardless of where they’re located. Thanks to secure desktop solutions, your employees can access their critical applications and data from anywhere.

Ease of maintenance

If your organization has a large number of computers, your IT staff is likely spending considerable time running operating system and software updates, as well as responding to regular issues. With secure desktops, much of this maintenance is eliminated.

All software and operating systems updates are done in the cloud and can be controlled from one central dashboard, giving your IT staff visibility into how all of your virtual resources are performing at any time. This cuts down on the time your team spends responding to issues and also helps them proactively address maintenance via the centrally-managed architecture.

Learn more about our Secure Workspaces solution

At CloudHesive, our Secure Workplaces solution is powered by Amazon Web Services WorkSpaces. It leverages the power of the Amazon cloud while adding a range of additional security controls.

If you have any questions about Secure Workspaces, contact us today. We look forward to helping your team realize the productivity and efficiency gains from investing in virtualization.

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