Why Use Amazon WorkDocs for Secure Enterprise Storage and File Sharing?


Replace aging on-premises storage solutions with Amazon WorkDocs for increased security and collaboration

With a variety of cloud file sharing platforms, it can be hard to know which vendor to choose when storing and protecting your critical data. Many organizations rely on free cloud storage providers for the majority of their data storage needs – but this can create problems when it comes to regulatory or security concerns.

Amazon recognized the need for a centralized, fully managed file collaboration and management service. The result is Amazon WorkDocs.

What is Amazon WorkDocs?

WorkDocs is a file sharing service that’s secure, fully manageable and has a robust software development kit (SDK) which can be integrated with a variety of third-party apps, as well as your own applications and other AWS products and services. As is the case with all AWS products, WorkDocs is a pay-as-you-go service that helps keep costs down for you and your team.

Key benefits of using Amazon WorkDocs

  • An essential focus on security and compliance – WorkDocs allows you to secure your files from both internal as well as external threats while maintaining regulatory compliance. WorkDocs is fully PCI DSS compliant, HIPAA eligible, and meets all ISO compliance requirements. In addition, your data is encrypted both at rest as well as in transit.
  • Access data from anywhere – WorkDocs users can access their data from any device, including mobile phones and tablets. It features mobile applications for iOS and Android devices as well as a sync client that can be installed on your computer and a web client that allows you to access all your files from any browser.
  • On-demand access –One of the key drawbacks of many free cloud storage providers is that they don’t offer true on-demand access. This means that while your files are stored in the cloud, they’re also stored locally on your hard drive, which takes up valuable hard drive space. With WorkDocs, you’ll have access to all of your files without having to store them locally. In addition, you can easily create sharing links, store files offline, and invite other users to collaborate.
  • User-friendly collaboration –Amazon WorkDocs offers a centralized area to keep track of documents and data. Users can easily share data with individuals inside or outside the company with a simple hyperlink. They can also control whether a link is public or private, and links can be disabled at any time.
    If a user is invited to view a file from outside of the organization, they will be asked to create a guest account. Guest accounts are completely free. Users can tag other individuals by simply using @username, as well as create private comments and respond to comments in a threaded conversation to facilitate collaboration.
  • Integration via SDK –Thanks to the Amazon WorkDocs SDK, you can build file management and collaboration capabilities into your own applications and take advantage of WorkDocs’ large suite of features and security measures.
  • Centralized administration dashboard – Manage WorkDocs via a powerful Management Console, or integrate your Active Directory to control user access. WorkDocs supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) and the WorkDocs Management Console allows you to control permission groups, storage quotas, sharing permissions, and users. All of this can also be controlled via the WorkDocs SDK.
  • Low cost –Amazon WorkDocs starts at just $5 per user per month, which includes 1TB of storage per user. Amazon WorkSpace users have access to 50 GB of free storage via WorkDocs.

Interested in a free trial of Amazon WorkDocs?

Amazon WorkDocs is now offering a free 30-day trial for up to 50 users to help you determine if this versatile file sharing and collaboration tool will work for your organization. If you need help with migration to Amazon WorkDocs, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at CloudHesive today at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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