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The Importance of AWS Certification Consent


AWS certifications propel business and individual success, but only if they are visible.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s top cloud service provider, and demand for AWS-certified professionals is at an all-time high. Why certified? Certification provides the best validation of cloud skills. As a result, companies are prioritizing investments in cloud technology and upskilling their staff with IT certifications. 

AWS certifications are recognized industry-wide, and these credentials offer a career boost and enhanced AWS Partner status within the network. Getting an AWS Certification brings value to both individuals and companies. 

However, sharing employee certification with employers requires consent. Let’s explore the benefits of AWS certification, the value of AWS partner status, and why AWS certification consent is so important.

AWS certifications hold many advantages for business

The cloud is present and future, making it a worldwide need for people with cloud expertise. Yet, cloud skills are in short supply, leaving AWS Partner Network (APN) members scrambling to find staff. 

AWS partners can join a global community and take full advantage of AWS’s services to speed up their cloud journey. Partners and AWS work together to provide innovative solutions, meet technical challenges head-on, win abundant new business, and deliver value.

With AWS training and certifications, partners can add to their skills, differentiate from the competition, and provide a better customer experience. 

In a survey, APN Partners who achieved certifications found improvement in:

  • Deliverable quality increased by 50%
  • Boost in customers who migrated to AWS solutions 36% 
  • 31% offered a shortened implementation time through the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) certification
  • Increased customer satisfaction, as 62% of surveyed partners reported

In addition:

  • Certifications create new offerings and capabilities for additional revenue opportunities
  • AWS Partners saw a 29% increase in gross margin by year three
  • Training and Certification have an ROI of 229%
  • Cost savings resulted from improvements in operational efficiency

AWS certification creates experts who help your company move up the APN tiers – as your status improves, you can access additional benefits and programs, including APN funding resources, to co-sell with AWS. When your employees obtain AWS certifications, they can fill up to 20% to 30% of new cloud-related roles. 

Employee relationships also improve with your investment. In a survey conducted 24 months after completing training, 90% of learners reported that AWS certification is why they were chosen to work on special cloud projects, improving their overall job satisfaction. Investing in employee development also allows you to attract and keep great people. 

AWS certifications benefit IT professionals

AWS certifications for IT workers are a must-have as cloud migration to AWS shows no signs of slowing. A global study showed that those with AWS certification have found and implemented efficiencies 45%, and 43% say they perform tasks more quickly. There’s also an increase in work quality.

AWS Certifications allow individuals to gain new competencies and strengthen those they already have. Fifty-two percent of those who have achieved an AWS certification say the expertise is more sought after inside their organization. 

But professional development can’t be recognized unless employers know about it. AWS partners can record AWS certifications their employees achieve, but without consent to share results, they have no visibility – meaning no recognition and no sought-after expertise. Here’s how to provide your consent. 

Share AWS certification achievements with your employer

When you consent to share certifications with your AWS partner employer, the company can track how many certifications you have and who earned them. This provides a competitive advantage for the company, which means more business, better projects, and a demand for your expertise. 

How to provide consent to share:

1. Go to APN Partner Central and log in.
2. On the home page, click View My Profile.
3. Click the Edit button.
4. Enter the email you used for your AWS certification.
5. Now, click on the certification consent box.

You can also share your AWS certification digital badges with the world via Credly’s Acclaim platform. Just log into your AWS Certification Account and click the Digital Badges tab. 

The pressure is on. AWS Partners must be ready to meet market and client demands, which requires continuous learning and skill development. Certifications give current and potential customers confidence that your organization has the right skills to help them get the most out of AWS. Customers are happy, employees are motivated, and AWS partners get an excellent ROI for their training investment.

CloudHesive is a cloud solutions consulting and managed service provider with expertise in all things Amazon Web Services. We have eight AWS Competencies, over 50 AWS certifications, and membership in nine partner programs. We have the knowledge and experience to help your business realize all the benefits AWS cloud offers, as well as associated services such as AWS customer service solutions and Amazon Risk Detection.

We’ve helped more than 100 companies reduce their operating costs and increase productivity with our focus on security, reliability, availability, and scalability. With more than 30 years of experience, we leverage cloud-based technology to its full potential. Contact the CloudHesive team today.

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