Why Do I Need a ConnectPath Dashboard to Build Business Value?


Providing value to your customers considers many different aspects of your business. To deliver a complete, satisfying customer experience, you’ll need to use a business dashboard. The best way to do this is by using the features ConnectPath has to offer.



Each business handles its overall customer experience with a variety of methods and in its own way. However, many encounter disgruntled customers that mainly stem from inconsistencies within aspects of customer service. This happens for a variety of reasons, but the disorganization can be fixed with the help of a stellar business dashboard.

This is where Amazon Connect can help, as it allows businesses to utilize an omnichannel cloud contact center. To clarify, this makes handling customer service interactions worldwide much easier. Although Amazon Connect offers many different services for starting and managing a contact center, it still needs to improve in a few areas that ConnectPath aims to help with. 

It’s an advanced agent desktop that can deliver voice, text, chat, and email routing. Simultaneously, ConnectPath can provide businesses with real-time metrics, historical reporting, agent collaboration, and many other features. By using ConnectPath, you can improve your customer service experience from every angle.

What is the ConnectPath dashboard?

Fully featured and geared toward customer service goals, the ConnectPath dashboard can manage the many different needs of your customer service. With numerous pre-configured cloud services, it offers a level of customization you won’t find from any other business dashboard.

Not only will it help you provide a better customer service experience, but it can also promote business growth. With improved customer service comes a chance for an increase in sales and a more positive outlook toward your brand.

Some of the features included with the ConnectPath dashboard are:

  • Transparency into agent actions
  • Tracking current workload
  • Queue performance 
  • Call monitoring
  • Metrics for business intelligence and analytics
  • Automated push updates for group messaging

The beneficial features mentioned above only scratch the surface of what the ConnectPath dashboard is capable of. To get the most out of what this technology can bring to the table, you have to know how to use it to your advantage as a business.

Tips for using your ConnectPath dashboard

The benefits ConnectPath offers are many, so you’ll want to focus on the tools your business needs the most. A significant mix of benefits focuses on technical and team-related categories. It’s also important to note that ConnectPath isn’t a replacement for Amazon Connect services but enhances its capabilities. Overall, you’re looking at features that allow you to increase usability, monitoring, and reporting.

Some of the core benefits ConnectPath offers include the following:

  • Considerably reduced downtime
  • Serve customers more efficiently
  • Improve the consistency and accuracy of customer service
  • Fully managed contact center as a solution service
  • Easily leverage shared data to improve the customer experience further

Every business deals with different pain points regarding the customer experience, and this technology is highly adaptable to changing needs. To optimize your approach, it’s vital to grasp the importance of accurate data and analytics. Of course, you can take a customized approach to how you want to use your ConnectPath dashboard.

Why accurate data and analytics matter

Many business actions can benefit from using data and analytics to guide these decisions. However, this approach can only be beneficial if this information is accurate. With the help of ConnectPath, you can be sure you’re generating accurate, real-time data based on your customer’s experience as well as your team members.

This gives you a clear look at any weak points you may have while giving you solutions and the tools you need to move toward change. When your team can use data and analytics to take action for a better customer service experience, this will inherently build value for your business.

More than ever, organizations are using data to drive their decision-making process. ConnectPath can help you refine these decisions for a better experience during every customer interaction. You can customize your ConnectPath dashboard to the needs of your customer experience for a more seamless operation. Access to accurate data will also improve collaboration among your customer service agents for a more cohesive experience.

Customize your ConnectPath dashboard with ease

ConnectPath is an add-on to the Amazon Connect platform, and your dashboard can easily be customized to display the data you need most. Much of what you’ll see pertains to shared data that every agent can access, creating a more collaborative environment and resulting in quicker customer solutions.

You’ll only see what’s relevant to your customer and business needs and won’t have to deal with convoluted or outdated dashboards full of unnecessary information. By having instant access to the most critical data and analytics relevant to your customers, you’ll always be prepared to address their needs or concerns.

This article is a brief look at what a ConnectPath dashboard has to offer – there’s so much more this dashboard can do. It enhances what Amazon Connect is capable of and gives organizations the ability to deliver outstanding customer service without fail.

Amazon Connect can seem like a somewhat complicated service as a whole if you’re new to it. If you’d like to take a deeper dive into what the AWS Connect platform is capable of, take some time to review the case studies on our website. There, you’ll find additional information regarding Amazon Connect and ConnectPath, and how you can use them to improve your customer service experience.

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