Why the World’s Most Progressive Startups Build and Grow on AWS



What can the AWS platform do for your startup?

Got a brilliant idea for a startup? Ready to expand your business by offering new products or increased service offerings? If so, you’ve no doubt given thought to how using cloud computing can help you get started or scale your business. Today, the world’s most progressive entrepreneurs are leveraging the capabilities of AWS to build and grow their companies. Here’s why you should too:

A plethora of services

Whether you’re still in the concept phase or have already begun serving customers, Amazon Web Services has a solution to serve your unique business needs. Startups of all sizes, across all industries are harnessing the capabilities of the AWS cloud because of its vast array of services designed to help them build and grow their businesses including:

  • Special perks just for startups: A free usage tier, a month of AWS support, 1:1 office hours with solutions architects, technical training, exclusive offers and more
  • Pricing solutions to fit your budget: Low variable costs and pay as you go pricing models, tiered pricing for S3 and a variety of tools to help you manage costs
  • Fast & easy mobile services: Build apps easily and use them for push notifications, user analytics and to save and sync user data
  • Constant innovation: AWS is a major innovator of cloud services and releases new services and features on a consistent basis, helping you build your infrastructure on a broad platform and reducing your time to market
  • Software developer kits: AWS provides all the tools necessary to get you up and running on their platform fast and using the technology you’re already familiar with
  • Global expansion: AWS’s massive infrastructure allows you to expand yours into any of their 25 availability zones (and counting)

AWS Activate

If an abundant amount of services and the most cutting-edge cloud technology is not enough, how about a free program created just for startups? AWS Activate is just that and with it, startups have access to a host of services that will help them make the most out of the AWS platform.

AWS Activate is an easy to use infrastructure to help you scale and grow your company, and provides technological resources, support, training, access to the AWS startup community forum and exclusive promotional offers.


Recent research has revealed that on average, companies using AWS for their cloud computing are growing twice as fast as companies that self-host – and spending 25% less. For startups, AWS has everything necessary from the very beginning and can allow growth without ever outgrowing its capabilities. With autoscaling, companies can maintain application availability and scale Amazon EC2 up or down automatically. You can also increase the number of instances during times of increased demand to maintain performance or decrease when there’s a slow period.

That’s why thousands of startups around the world agree on the power of AWS for building and scaling their businesses.

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