CloudHesive Serves as a Valued Partner that Drives Business Growth and Increases Agility at e-Builder


e-Builder is the developer of a software as a service (SaaS) delivered capital program management and construction project management application that is used to increase efficiency and decrease overall costs throughout the lifecycle of construction projects. e-Builder has a global customer footprint, including large enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions and builders/owners. In addition to developing, managing and selling their SaaS delivered product, e-Builder is extremely focused on providing a reliable and resilient application with high performance and service levels for its customers.


e-Builder consistently strives to provide the most efficient and accessible project management platform for their clients. As the e-Builder brand continues to develop and grow, it is critical that they remain up to date on the most practical and beneficial technology available. Without invested focus in the continual and optimization of their technology, the e-Builder brand simply wouldn’t be able to continue to service their client base in a way that promotes efficiency and ease of use. As e-Builder’s business needs became more expansive, they required a robust cloud strategy and support that was capable of growing with them.


The Challenge: A need for strategic leadership in the face of cloud migration


As business began expanding, e-Builder wanted to migrate to a more robust infrastructure solution. The e-Builder business was run from two data centers: one in Atlanta and one in Orlando. Due to tremendous business growth, stability issues developed and the e-Builder brand was faced with the need to rescale quickly. The Orlando Data Center was slated for shutdown by the end of 2015, so e-Builder had to choose between migrating to another datacenter, which would require overprovisioning (and overspending) hardware, or revamping their infrastructure completely by migrating to a more robust and scalable cloud solution.


e-Builder manages a tremendous amount of data for their clients, who have the ability to upload and store any document that is related to their large scale construction and infrastructure projects. Many of these files are massive and contain important information that needs to be easily retrievable. Because of this, the e-Builder team knew there needed to be a departure from the standard on-site deployment model to a more scalable model offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). First the Disaster Recovery environment running in their Atlanta datacenter was migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to assess the organizational and functionality capacity of AWS. Once this migration proved successful, the focus shifted to migrating the much more complex production environment from the Orlando datacenter. One of the most daunting migrations involved moving over 200 terabytes of data into AWS, as well as build out dev, uat, beta, pre-production and production environments. The existing application, proprietary to e-Builder, would need to be assessed entirely to ensure it could be moved and operate efficiently using a public cloud solution.


The Solution: Investing in the expertise and responsive support at CloudHesive


Luckily for e-Builder, the CloudHesive team had a tremendous amount of experience in migrating proprietary .NET applications into AWS. They also had extensive experience in wrapping the cloud environments with security controls to protect against data breaches. Furthermore, the CloudHesive team was also incredibly well-versed in managing large scale deployments, which allowed for streamlined assessment, monitoring and management of the migration.


CloudHesive serves e-Builder through more than support and troubleshooting. The most important contribution CloudHesive makes to the e-Builder team is the ability to serve as another set of hands to assist with the management of the environment. The CloudHesive team is so well-educated and experienced in the services offered by AWS that they’re able to serve not only as a valued partner, but also as a strategic leader. As experts on all things AWS, the insight CloudHesive offers e-Builder is truly invaluable. Not only does the CloudHesive team provide unparalleled AWS expertise, they also offer a responsive kind of support that is both proactive and efficient. The CloudHesive team works to prevent problems before they occur, however, if and when issues do arise, they work diligently and quickly to restore productivity. The combination of strategic expertise, security awareness, and reliable responsiveness truly define CloudHesive as a valued partner that helps drive business success at e-Builder.


The Benefits: A valued, functional and productivity-promoting partnership


The true business benefits that CloudHesive has brought to e-Builder rest in the ability to serve as a true member of the team. Having worked with other to support and service companies in the past, the differentiating benefits of CloudHesive are hard to miss. The expert and responsive nature of service delivery from CloudHesive makes their contribution to e-Builder like that of an invested, strategic partner. CloudHesive acts as a network of support and service for the entire e-Builder team, and they deliver that support and service with ease, like professional partners.


With such an extensive network of support, it becomes easier for the e-Builder team to focus on what matters most: client service. With their AWS environment managed and optimized by CloudHesive, the e-Builder team is able to focus on offering superior customer service to clients and developing ideas for continual business development. The e-Builder staff recommends CloudHesive often because of the unparalleled level of expertise, service and support they provide. With the cloud offering a variety of new business opportunities in the world of technology, e-Builder required strategic guidance that fostered business development. They simply aren’t a lot of vendors that can brig DevOps, management and security fundamentals to an organization like CloudHesive does. Their commitment to expertise, professionalism and client prosperity makes all the difference at e-Builder.

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