The Power of Amazon Connect Reporting & Analytics


The key to continuous business improvement is analytics.

Analytics and reporting provide businesses with insights into operations based on actual data. When using Amazon Connect, you can study customer data to make meaningful and accurate business decisions based on your business data. Analytics can help uncover product trends and predict call center volumes and scheduling needs. 

Leverage your Amazon Connect customer data to identify agent needs, including training and coaching. Find out where and when issues exist and address them before they negatively impact customer experience. Analytics will tell you precisely where improvement is needed in your customer contact center with continuous action monitoring. 

This guide describes how leveraging Amazon Connect analytics and reporting tools can improve customer contact center interactions and service.

Key takeaways: Learn how to utilize essential metrics and reporting tools from Amazon Connect. How do analytics help improve customer service through data-driven decision-making? Are you worried about data security? Amazon Connect provides advanced security measures to protect your business data. Discover how Amazon Connect reporting and business analytics help refine customer interactions for increased customer satisfaction.

Understanding Amazon Connect 

Amazon Connect is a cloud-based tool that builds the foundation for collaborative and connected customer contact centers. What tools you implement are up to you and can be deployed and used when needed. Start with the basics and then add the services your team needs to succeed. Amazon Connect can be successfully configured and deployed in a day or less.  

Amazon Connect focuses on improving customer satisfaction and loyalty through exceptional, consistent, and personalized customer service. Businesses can cost-effectively manage and enhance customer service using a combination of tools, including self-service portals, AI chatbots, and IVR (interactive voice recording). 

Benefits of using Amazon Connect for managing customer contact centers include:

  • Many customized options that fit together in a single tool.
  • Rest easy with built-in data security functions.
  • Provide popular customer self-service portals fully connected to agents when needed.
  • Business process automation so agents can better focus on providing exceptional customer service.
  • Scalable services to fit your specific needs.
  • Use telephony, AI chatbots, and customer data collection tools.
  • Built-in analytics and reporting options.

Provide your customers with personalized and consistent customer experiences. Improve customer service employee morale by making job tasks accessible in a single tool. Keep the team organized using a variety of tools and services. 

Measure your operational progress by utilizing reporting and analytics features for continuous improvement. Add business value and improve customer and employee satisfaction by using Amazon Connect. 

Key metrics for contact centers

Utilizing reporting and analytics in Amazon Connect requires setting up key metrics for customer service teams. Essential metrics for measuring contact center quality and efficiency include:

  • Contact forecasting
  • Capacity planning
  • Schedule tracking
  • Call tone and sentiment
  • Call summarization reviews
  • Call performance
  • Call recording

Contact forecasting is an efficiency metric that predicts customer service contact volumes. Contact forecasting uses machine learning to identify patterns and optimize output contact volumes by minute, hour, day, week, or month. 

Capacity planning is another efficiency metric that optimizes staffing levels. Estimate staffing needs based on volume data analysis and load estimations. Input your target service levels and determine how many agents are required for a specified time. 

Schedule tracking uses contact forecasting and capacity planning to provide accurate agent scheduling. Adjust schedules automatically by changing agent numbers, business rules, or service-level goals. Easily plan for upticks in support needs over holidays or other special events. Make last-minute updates and changes and view the expected impact. 

Conversational analysis is a quality metric that allows you to understand the tone and sentiment in conversations. Help supervisors provide more accurate training and coaching to improve an agent’s performance. Use conversational analysis in real-time to troubleshoot customer contacts that aren’t going well and step in at the click of a button. 

Leverage post-contact summarization to provide agents with performance evaluations based on actual, real-time data. Contact summaries capture all important information and context within each call. Use them to improve agent training and provide accurate performance measurements. 

Similarly, use screen recording to not only record audio but also screens accessed by agents. Managers can review performance in real-time, and all recordings are available for historical review. Managers can listen and watch as agents serve customers for easy monitoring and assistance. Use call and screen recordings not only for agent service improvement and training but also for determining where and how to improve service levels. 

Improving customer experience

Amazon Connect bases its real-time and historical metrics based on customer data contact records. Contact records are available to your customer service organization for 2 full years. Alternatively, businesses can stream historical contact records by using Amazon Kinesis. It’s your customer data, use it for as long as possible to gain the maximum value. 

When Utilizing reporting and analytics tools, businesses can identify and remove pain points within customer interactions. Not only are pain points removed, but agents can learn from mistakes in real-time – the more consistent, fast, and accurate the service, the more satisfied the customer. 

In any customer contact center, call quality is critical. Call quality includes not only providing the right answer but also audio quality and timeliness. Find out if your audio quality is low and customers have difficulty hearing or communicating with agents. 

The single service dashboard also enables teams to monitor call quality directly in a single location. Agents can immediately ask for help via text or notification. Leaders can jump in and help or provide answers within the dashboard. Direct communication helps service customers faster without diminishing the quality of the call or contact. 

Ensuring compliance and security

Modern businesses must be vigilant against cyber security attacks, especially concerning data. Your customer data provides the basis for all analysis and insights. You build your company based on its input. In the same way, customer data provides the foundation for customer service teams. 

Amazon Connect provides built-in default data protection layers. From initial setup and configuration through to release. Configure data security protocols upfront or add them as new customer data is created. For example, when businesses make real-time metrics reports, the first step is to develop the security profile. 

Amazon Connect recommends users configure security on account credentials and user authentication. Ensure only authorized users can gain access. Amazon Connect provides the following tool options for securing your data:

  • MFA (multi-factor authentication) for every account
  • SSL/TLS communication protocols between AWS resources
  • API security through AWS CloudTrail
  • Use data encryption for all customer data during transfer and storage
  • Resist using free-text fields within your configuration 

Your customer data is secure within Amazon Connect. Discover all your security options with Amazon Connect

Are you ready for exceptional customer service?

Amazon Connect provides a cost-effective and secure cloud option for managing call center operations and improving customer service levels. Agents and managers work collaboratively using a single UI dashboard. The single-tool interface provides access to all necessary functions and additional support for finding accurate answers quickly and effectively. 

Customer data also provides the foundation for real-time and historical analysis. Built-in analytic and reporting tools help businesses accurately measure performance. Accurate data analysis is required to make valid business decisions and continuously improve your service operations. 

By leveraging analytics and reporting, businesses can make solid progress in providing exceptional and consistent customer service that benefits the business, customers, and improves agent satisfaction. 

Need help utilizing all the tools in Amazon Connect? Consider working with an MSP provider, CloudHesive. CloudHesive helps you create a successful customer service center. 

As an Amazon Managed Services partner and Amazon Premier Partner, CloudHesive helps any organization experience the benefits and power of Amazon Connect to improve customer satisfaction through consistent and personalized customer service. 

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