What Is Amazon Connect? The Tool to Revolutionize Customer Service


May 29, 2019

Amazon’s cloud-based contact center software solution enables companies to provide world-class customer service for less

The cloud isn’t magic, but it can do some amazing things. Flexible, decentralized and powerful, cloud computing brings first-tier enterprise-level systems within reach of more businesses than ever before. What once required the resources of a Fortune 500 company is now within reach of the tiniest startup, with no up-front investment.

How is this even possible? Amazon Connect was developed by Amazon – the Earth’s largest retailer – to power their contact centers throughout the world. A few decades ago, this would have required massive mainframe computers for each contact-center location. That would require substantial cash and a veritable army of techs and sysops (system operators) for each center.

Enter the cloud. The principle behind cloud computing is simple, despite the technology behind it being complex. Say a company needs software to run multiple contact centers. Instead of developing software and running it at each location, that software can run on an internet server. (In fact, more than one: Multiple servers run the same application as redundant backups to minimize downtime.) Each contact center connects to that centralized software over the internet.

The internet connection is also used to provide voice-line access to each contact center using Voice over IP (VoIP), so each location’s existing wired and wireless networks provide all the connectivity needed.

When Amazon completed rolling out the new solution to its contact centers around the world, the infrastructure they had assembled also allowed them to supply the same solution to any business connected to the internet.

Empowering companies to match Amazon’s superior customer service experience

Amazon Connect clients get the same proven, reliable cloud-based contact-center platform that runs Amazon.com, without the prohibitive upfront investment. After exhausting the free tier of service that is available for the first 12 months – users only pay for the system processing they need and the voice-line time they use.

But it’s not just reliable and scalable. Amazon Connect gives companies powerful tools to make the best use of their finite financial and human resources. Features like Natural Language Understanding (NLU) provide the ability to create conversational voice bots that can handle customers’ most common requests, from checking balances and tracking orders to more complex tasks like scheduling appointments and even taking orders.

Advanced call analytics allow organizations to track the success of their contact-center procedures as closely as they can track web traffic and conversions. They can even track where a customer clicked online to initiate the contact – and make that information available in real-time to their agents on the line.

Amazon Connect’s capabilities are within easy reach of the non-expert end user

Amazon Connect has been designed from the beginning to be configured and managed by the people who use it. Using a familiar drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste interface that includes comprehensive online documentation, operators have the luxury of programming the system to their specific needs. And if analytical data reveals the need to change, say, the contact flow or menu structure, users don’t have to wait for someone in IT to make time. They can adjust and quickly see how the new changes improve call-handling capabilities.

See how Amazon Connect streamlines your contact center and lowers your costs at the same time

Get better service, more capabilities, and happier customers, all for much less than you’re paying now. See how Amazon Connect can put the power of the global cloud infrastructure at your disposal. Don’t let old or inadequate hardware stand in the way of providing excellent customer service experiences. Learn more by getting in touch with CloudHesive at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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