Amazon Connect

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    How to Protect Sensitive Amazon Connect Recordings in Amazon Transcribe

    When your contact center handles sensitive payment information en masse, it’s critical to maintain PCI compliance. The right contact flow empowers agents to disable recording while taking sensitive...

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    Provide an Even Better Customer Experience with Amazon Connect’s Kustomer Integration

    The Amazon Connect integration gives Kustomer CRM users an edge in providing memorable customer experiences Takeaways:  Contact centers looking to boost efficiency and support their agents should...

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    Transform Your Contact Center With Kustomer and Amazon Connect Integration

    The long-awaited Kustomer and Amazon Connect integration is finally here — here’s how to get the benefits for your business Key Takeaways: Kustomer users can integrate their existing platform...

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    Set-up Amazon Connect Voicemail Instantly With the CloudHesive Voicemail Solution

    Get your team working together with Amazon Connect Voicemail in minutes with CloudHesive’s dedicated voicemail solution Amazon Connect offers an omni-channel customer service contact center...

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    How to Build a Native Chatbot With Amazon Lex in Under Two Hours

    Building a native chatbot doesn’t have to be a complicated, multi-week project. With Amazon Lex and other parts of the AWS ecosystem, you can build a conversational bot on a standalone framework in...

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    Learn to Integrate Kustomer Data into Amazon Connect IVR Contact Flows

    Now you can benefit from Amazon Connect without leaving the robust Kustomer platform behind Moving forward with the Amazon Connect integration for Kustomer is one of the best one-click decisions...

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    Amazon Contact Lens Brings AI Call Analysis to Contact and Call Centers

    Amazon Connect’s long-awaited Contact Lens integration launched in July. Learn how this machine learning call analysis solution can identify critical contact center feedback and improve customer...

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    5 Benefits of Amazon Connect and Salesforce CTI Integration

    If your cloud contact center could use a boost in on-call productivity, customer satisfaction, or any number of metrics, integrating Amazon Connect and Salesforce CTI could be the way to get it. ...

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    4 Ways Sales Teams Benefit From Amazon Connect and Salesforce CTI Integration

    One of the best ways to unlock more sales and revenue is to connect the systems your sales teams rely on the most While customer relationship management (CRM) platforms have been around for decades,...

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    Managing Cold Transfers with Amazon Connect

    There’s a right way and a wrong way to set up call transfers in Amazon Connect, and it could make all the difference between a customer’s experience with your contact center. One of the most...

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    Amazon Connect, Service Cloud Voice and Salesforce CTI Enable Total Customer-Facing Integration

    Why Amazon Connect’s integration with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice dramatically improves customer service and communication Customers are the root of your business. Being able to connect with...

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    AWS Contact Center Intelligence

    Mid August, AWS announced AWS Contact Center Intelligence(CCI). AWS CCI enables customers to build powerful chatbots and AI-driven Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions, including self-service...

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