Amazon Connect

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    4 Ways Sales Teams Benefit From Amazon Connect and Salesforce CTI Integration

    One of the best ways to unlock more sales and revenue is to connect the systems your sales teams rely on the most While customer relationship management (CRM) platforms have been around for decades,...

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  • Cold Transfers with Amazon Connect" alt="">
    Managing Cold Transfers with Amazon Connect

    There’s a right way and a wrong way to set up call transfers in Amazon Connect, and it could make all the difference between a customer’s experience with your contact center. One of the most...

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    Amazon Connect, Service Cloud Voice and Salesforce CTI Enable Total Customer-Facing Integration

    Why Amazon Connect’s integration with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice dramatically improves customer service and communication Customers are the root of your business. Being able to connect with...

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    AWS Contact Center Intelligence

    Mid August, AWS announced AWS Contact Center Intelligence(CCI). AWS CCI enables customers to build powerful chatbots and AI-driven Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions, including self-service...

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    How to Create a Dynamic, Secure IVR using Amazon Connect

    Create a secure interactive IVR by configuring Amazon Connect with AWS Encryption SDK  An interactive voice response system (IVR) is a powerful tool to simplify and personalize the customer...

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  • CRMs That Integrate With Amazon Connect" alt="">
    4 CRMs That Integrate With Amazon Connect?

    Integrating your customer relationship management application with Amazon Connect allows you to maintain your existing user base in the cloud. Here’s how to bridge the gap with 4 top CRMs. ...

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  • Contact Lens for Amazon Connect" alt="">
    Contact Lens for Amazon Connect

    Machine Learning (ML) powered analytics to generate customer insights in minutes Contact Lens for Amazon Connect is Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) recently released service that provides a set of...

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  • Amazon Connect Made Easy" alt="">
    Amazon Connect Made Easy

    CloudHesive provides Managed Services for Amazon Connect, helping to transform contact centers CloudHesive was one of the first Amazon-centric Managed Service providers to adopt the Amazon Connect...

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  • Call Centers: Why Cloud-Based Platforms Rise Above On-Premises on" alt="">
    Call Centers: Why Cloud-Based Platforms Rise Above On-Premises

    As communication channels continue to multiply, companies need to keep up with customers by using the most flexible, efficient, and feature-rich CRM platforms available. Customers today are all early...

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  • How Amazon Connect Increases Your Sales and Retention on" alt="">
    How Amazon Connect Increases Your Sales and Retention

    Drive sales and customer retention with a genuinely omnichannel contact center platform Sales and happy customers are two things companies can never have enough of. However well a business is doing...

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  • Is AI the Next Contact-Center Representative? on" alt="">
    Is AI the Next Contact-Center Representative?

    Every once in a while, a technology comes along that promises to “change everything.” Here’s what reality will look like instead. When it comes to potentially reality-changing technologies,...

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    What Is Amazon Connect? The Tool to Revolutionize Customer Service

    Amazon’s cloud-based contact center software solution enables companies to provide world-class customer service for less The cloud isn’t magic, but it can do some amazing things. Flexible,...

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