The Benefits of Using Amazon Connect and Contact Lens for Transcriptions


How to improve transcriptions and more with Contact Lens

Transcriptions enable higher quality and more consistent customer service. Customer and agent conversations are filled with data, and this data provides directly accessible information on product issues, agent service issues, and areas in need of improvement. 

Amazon Connect helps organizations assess, track, and improve customer interactions faster and more effectively. It provides a single tool interface for agents to use as a control center. The dashboard control center enables customer service managers to perform evaluations based on real conversations. Using transcripts, customer service organizations can mine a wealth of customer information. 

Contact Lens is a sub-program that works with Amazon Connect. Contact Lens provides ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities to create data analytics from call transcripts. Recorded transcripts can be used to identify service, products, or agent compliance issues. 

Learn how Amazon Connect and Contact Lens can be leveraged via transcriptions to improve the customer service experience.

Amazon Connect and Contact Lens overview

Contact Lens provides ML and AI capabilities with AWS Connect. These capabilities enable businesses to create data analytics from actual customer calls or communication transcriptions. Users can take recorded transcript files and have Contact Lens analyze them for customer sentiment, tone of voice, and agent performance. 

Contact Lens also supports real-time call analytics, allowing agents and service managers to detect issues during live calls and resolve problems immediately. There is no need for customers to call back in – everything can be taken care of within the same communication. Customizable service alerts can be utilized within AWS Connect to ensure high levels of customer service and positive customer outcomes

Customer service organizations can utilize Connect Lens’s ML engine to understand spoken phrases in numerous languages, determine sentiment, and note any conversation interruptions. By recording customer contact transcripts, service groups can better determine if agents are compliant with company service standards. Combine that with advanced search capabilities and your team will have all the data and analytics it needs to provide effective, consistent, and positive customer service. 

Using the ML/AI Contact Lens solutions for customer service, including transcription recording and data mining, provides real business value and a nearly immediate ROI. More positive customer experiences equate to improved business revenues over time and a loyal customer following.

Contact Lens key features include:

  • Real-time transcription
  • Recorded transcription data mining
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Call categorization
  • Agent performance feedback
  • Service-level analytics and easy-to-understand reporting
  • Proactive issue management

Supporting and growing a business requires strong, empowered, and fully engaged customer service agents. Amazon Connect and Contact Lens provide customer service teams with easy-to-use technology that helps them provide exceptional customer service.  All work is done within a single dashboard and toolset – no need to redo work or move data around.

Transcription data provides valuable business and customer information. Additionally, it allows customer contact center management to better train and judge agents’ performance. Customer service quality increases when transcription data analytics are utilized to make changes, provide training, or proactively manage new issues. 

Tips for improving transcriptions  

Transcriptions provide valuable data. So, the quality of transcriptions becomes critical. Many transcription options don’t have the audio and data analysis quality of Amazon Connect and Contact Lens. It provides exceptional audio, text, and digital quality while improving transcription accuracy. 

Many organizations still rely on manual transcription. It involves agents or supervisors spending significant time creating documents for each call or communication recording. The transcriptions are then read and analyzed for agent or customer issues and data. The process is time-consuming and prone to human bias. 

Enter one of the many benefits of Contact Lens. Contact Lens can take recorded data and create transcriptions in minutes. Transcriptions are then analyzed using AI and ML to distinguish the tone of voice, response time, breaks in a call, and user sentiment. User sentiment is critical to understanding where or when an agent lost or won over a customer. Analytics are unbiased and are as accurate as the data. 

Improve your transcriptions and analysis by using Contact Lens within Amazon Connect. Make data mining and analysis easy, accurate, and based on real actionable business data.  

How does using transcriptions improve agent performance and service quality?

Contact Lens enhances customer service by providing accurate and unbiased service data analysis. For example:

Contact Lens can search all recorded transcriptions and score the sentiment shifts within each conversation. Scoring sentiment provides patterns and agent tendencies that indicate why some agents perform better than others when providing customer service. Sentiment is critical because it can tell the business why and when the customer’s experience went from positive to negative or vice versa. 

Contact Lens also includes theme detection. Theme detection takes transcriptions and analyzes them for service request reasons like “cancel account” or “delivery issue.” Understanding the recurring themes of calls allows customer service supervisors and agents to better prepare service options and approaches. Theme detection is available in several languages to support international customers. 

Advanced preparation allows supervisors to train agents, create acceptable procedures, and allow time for the team to fully understand how to respond to customers. Preparation combined with an easy-to-use dashboard that manages all the “action” and agents are empowered to perform at their best. 

Additionally, recorded transcripts enable supervisors to accurately determine agent performance. Performance reviews based on factual data are important to creating a positive customer service center morale based on fairness and equitable opportunities. The added ability to track calls and communication live also reduces mistakes and provides on-the-job training without negatively impacting the customer experience. 

Are you ready for Contact Lens?

Amazon Connect and Contact Lens provides exceptional business value for improving customer service quality as well as agent performance. Leverage the value of your customer data found in transcriptions to move your business and customer service organization forward. Analytics based on real data allow business decisions and strategies based on fact and not generalized industry-specific information 

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