Cost Components of Amazon Connect: A Price Point That Adapts as You Grow on

Cost Components of Amazon Connect: A Price Point That Adapts as You Grow


Amazon Connect’s cost structure lets you give the best customer service at adaptable rates

When you’re getting a business venture off the ground, it’s great to find resources that give you a helping hand getting started. That’s why Amazon Connect has the lowest cost of entry possible and the power to grow with your company as its needs change – all the while allowing you to provide your customers with the service experiences that will get your business growing in the first place.

Get started for the affordable price of free

Amazon Connect is part of AWS – Amazon Web Services. With the AWS Free Tier, you can get started on Amazon Connect with zero up-front costs for an entire year. Join the AWS Free Tier to configure and launch the first version of your Amazon Connect call center. Once it’s up and running you’ll receive:

  • 90 minutes of Amazon Connect usage per month
  • A DID (direct inward dial) number for your location
  • 30 minutes of inbound DID calls per month
  • 30 minutes per month of outbound calls to numbers within your country
  • For regions in the U.S., you also get a toll-free number and 30 minutes of inbound calls per month from within the U.S.

This is how the AWS Free Usage Tier guidelines explain it:

“For example, if you create your instance [your Amazon Connect account] in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) AWS region, you get one DID number from Australia, can receive 30 minutes of inbound DID calls to that number, and you can use Amazon Connect to place 30 minutes of outbound calls to numbers in Australia.”

As your needs grow beyond the AWS Free Tier, Amazon Connect grows with you

Because Amazon Connect is 100% cloud-based, you don’t need to plan for scaling up or down. The system gives you precisely what you need. It’s designed to be scalable to support teams from 10 to tens of thousands. As demand increases on a day-to-day call-load basis, Amazon Connect will automatically make more system resources available to your team, allowing them to respond to a higher number of calls. Your customers will get the same seamless quality of service to which they’ve become accustomed.

You will pay for additional service usage beyond the free tier at $0.0018 per minute and DID incoming rates from $0.03 per minute. Toll-free incoming rates start at $0.06 per minute, with outbound calls from $0.0065 per minute. (Please see the Amazon Connect Pricing by AWS Region chart for rates to and from your AWS region.)

Build out your call center as your customer service needs grow

A successful business will eventually need more agents and the capability to service even higher numbers of customers. Amazon Connect lets you add as many agents as you need, and it can incorporate features such as dynamic and personal contact flows, skills-based routing, and even natural-language chatbots (using Amazon Alexa-derived technology) to make your call center a practical resource to your growing customer base.

See how Amazon Connect can take your customer service to the next level

Don’t let a compromised, inflexible call center solution stand in the way of your continued growth. See how Amazon Connect can help you by scaling your customer service capabilities along with demand while making excellent customer service experiences possible. Learn more by getting in touch with CloudHesive at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.

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